Saturday, June 14, 2008

Vacation Day Two

How sweet is this image to wake up to?

We spent the morning driving to Dodge City. May I just say here that it's a long drive since the scenery doesn't change much at all over those hundreds of miles.

The afternoon was spent in Dodge City. We went to Boothill Museum there and watched some of the shows they had. Here's a picture of the kids becoming junior deputies. They didn't want to do it but we made them. Can you tell they're pissed about it? lol

There were education exhibits

A fight followed up by a gunfight. This picture came out perfect from the fight.

We've decided to stay here for the night. There are other things we want to do tomorrow. We'd like to have a family picture made in the old timey clothes and all of that and there's a gunfighter wax museum that we'd like to go see.

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Tanja said...

That sounds fun, I am sure the kids are enjoying themselves!