Sunday, June 15, 2008

Vacation Day 3

Happy Father's Day!! We gave Dax his presents this morning before we headed out to do the other things we wanted to in Dodge City. Unfortunately, the things we had hoped to do were closed on Sunday. We road through town on a stagecoach and then got our disappointed little selves back on the road. I've enjoyed seeing the wildlife along the way. I enjoyed watching the prairie dogs today. I get giddy about the birds and deer in our yard so I guess I'm pretty easy to please. :0) We went through Garden City and stopped at the zoo they have there. It's a neat little zoo and quite unexpected for a small town.

And get a load of these two scary looking animals!!

After lunch and the zoo we headed on to Pueblo where we're spending the night. We're staying at the Mariott downtown and it's pretty nice. We walked a couple of blocks over to an Irish restuarant/brew house for dinner. It was nice and I mellow a bit after an ale (or two *giggle* )

From what we've seen of Pueblo it looks like they keep it pretty clean. That's nice. It wasn't scary walking to dinner or back to the hotel, but now it's pool time!!

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