Thursday, February 21, 2013

The Results Are In!

On Saturday they had the UIL competitions for our district.

Addison and Abigail were the only two of my children competing.

Addison was competing in Modern Oratory. She texted me before she was headed into the competition to tell me that she was nervous. I assured her that I had no doubt that a competition that involved talking was certainly the right one for her.

After she was done, she texted me again telling me that she had bombed and forgot her talking points and was all over the place with her speech. She was pretty disappointed about it. However, once she found out that she got fourth place she decided she deserved for me to make cupcakes for her.....which of course, I did.

Abigail competed in the art competition. Her work was sent in prior to the competition so she didn't have to be there on Saturday. But that also meant that she didn't find out the results until Monday. She won 5th place! She's proud of that placement, but we both know that she probably would have placed even higher if one of her more recent watercolor paintings had been used. I think she's got a talent for art over all, but watercolors seem to come quite naturally to her. I'll take some pictures of her recent work and get them posted soon.

Anyway, we're very proud of them for competing and for doing so well. Good job girls!!!

Friday, February 15, 2013

How does that happen?

Seriously! How does so much time go by that I'm too busy to be able to post to my blog but I still look back and wonder what we were so busy doing? Is that one of the great wonders of the world?  Well, it should be!

Anyway, what we've been up to......

I took Abigail to do this:

That's a second piercing. She's been asking for some time now and since she hadn't changed  her mind I decided to go ahead and let her do it. I guess if she changes her mind later she can always let them grow closed. But for now she still comes and shows them to me everyday and tells me how cute her ears are.

Dax took Kirsten to play tennis on Saturday and Sunday last week. They were both pretty sore by Monday, but they really enjoyed the time spent together.

All of the kids are at a dance tonight. It still feels a little weird when they're all out of the house and not gone to visit their grandparents. They keep growing up and I'm just not liking it at all!!

Kirsten and Abigail are still enjoying tutoring their 'buddies' at the kindergarten. It's great to see how excited they get about it. Of course the other two hate it because they have to be at school so early on those mornings. I'm telling them that it builds character. LOL

This week the kids got the information that they need for filling out their schedules for next year. OMG!!! Who knew something so simple could be so hard. I mean, it's not like we live in some giant school district but these schedules are like choosing classes in college. In addition to four (yes four!) different curriculums to choose between, they also want the kids to fill in their schedules for all four years of high school!! Now, they aren't tied into those other three years, the school just wants them to try to see where they'd like to go with their education and start to develop a plan. But when you take kids that last year got to pick two electives from a grand total of four available, jumping into planning four years worth of school with a whole host of available electives is more than a little overwhelming. And not just for the kids. Dax and I are getting headaches trying to help them through the process. They have orientation next week so maybe that will help a little. *fingers crossed*