Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Not me

Every time I ask who is responsible for anything that has happened around our house I get four responses and they're all the same.

Not me!

I don't know about other households, but 'not me' wreaks havoc on mine. 'Not me' wastes food, breaks things, and leaves messes.

And 'not me' never cleans up after himself.

For example, I left this in the refrigerator for FOUR days waiting to see if anyone else (including 'not me') would put it in the sink.

I finally gave in and put it in the sink myself.

I'm not quite sure why nobody will take responsibility for the empty cup, but will take pride in something like this.

She even asked me to take the picture!!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

They're at it again..........

Last night when I was getting into bed I found a present from Abigail on my pillow. It was all wrapped and waiting for me.

You're thinking that's so sweet, aren't you?

Well, here's what was in the wrapping.

Nice, huh?

Don't you know I was feeling the love?

In case you're wondering, it's a toy like a zuzu hamster that she cut all of the hair off of. It looks like a naked mole rat!!

Monday, September 20, 2010

A two win weekend

Addison had soccer games on both Saturday and Sunday. And they won both games!!! woohoo!!

Saturday the score was 3-0 and Sunday was 2-0.

This is their third win for the season. The whole team is thrilled. Last season they only won one game all season. They've really come a long way as a team and learning to work together.

The weather-man said on Friday night that our next chance of rain wouldn't be until today. Well, it rained both days over the weekend.

Her game Sunday was in San Antonio and it finished up just as this was approaching.

Unfortunately, that meant we had to drive all the way home in it.

As you can see, it was a real problem for sleeping beauty.

Oh, and on another note......

Dax got tased on Thursday night.

No, he didn't get arrested (or get away for that matter.)

He did it on purpose!!! Volunteered!!!

He's taking the Citizen's Academy at the local police department and they tased those that volunteered.

I called him an idiot......but really, the rest of us view that as a deterrent. You're not supposed to ask to have it done.

I also told him that he only did so that he could get another punch in his man card.

He's got two burn marks from it, but he doesn't care. He was too wound up about having it done. Kind of like a kid at Christmas.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Two weeks and counting......

Abigail is STILL suffering from pink eye!!!

We've been to the doctor, got a prescription for eye drops, and they haven't helped.

Yesterday we went to the eye doctor instead. He told us that it is a viral infection and gave her some different eye drops. (He said the first drops she had often cause an allergic reaction after a few days use so wanted to switch them.)

If she's not better in another week, she goes back and they do cultures to see what kind of virus it is.

He told me not to worry though because the other kinds of virus would be really unusual for her to have caught.

I said, "Really? Look who you're talking to here. That doesn't really make me feel any more comfortable."

He laughed at me!!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Aaaahhhhh, you're so funny!

Most often I love the fact that my kids have a great sense of humor.

Really, they've had a good sense of humor since they were little.

It's only gotten better as they've gotten older.


The cat has a toy that looks like a tiny mauled animal. Yesterday I commented on the fact the this particular toy gives me the creeps. I always think the dogs have drug something (or more likely PART of something) into the house.

I made the mistake of commenting in front of my children.

You know, the ones with the great sense of humor.

So I found this.....

Funny, right?

I don't know where it is now so I'm sure I'll find it again where I least expect it.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Remind me again why we live in the country.

This year we've had a horrible problem with spiders. If something is untouched for more than 24 hours there will be a web on it when next you look. You would think our house had been vacant for years if you looked at the spider webs that are always around. We are constantly wiping them away but, frankly, I think the spiders are winning.

And then, when Addison and I got home from her last game on Sunday, we pulled into the drive only to discover that a young deer (old enough to just be losing it's spots) had gotten stuck between the bars on the gate and died there.

It was awful!!!

I had to wrestle with it to get it out of the gate and then the kids hads to help me carry it off because it was too big to do it by myself. Again, it was awful!!!!

Thank goodness for the cold because I couldn't smell it and the kids said it stunk really bad.

Why does this stuff never happen when Dax is home? I mean, really!!

Makes you want to move to the country, doesn't it?

We also learned this weekend that 'Justin Sucks'. I don't know Justin. I only know that he sucks because some one painted it in hot pink letters on the road to our house. If I ever meet him, I guess I'll know that he's a bad guy. Think about it, if someone that thinks vandalism is okay thinks he's bad, he must really be. Right?

In other news, today is school picture day. I'm not holding out much hope, though. Abigail's eye is still a little puffy and won't quite open all the way. It's also raining so we weren't able to really do anyone's hair. Well, except Wyatt's. Not much to be done with a flat top. I didn't even fill out the order form. I figured that they'll try to sell me on them again when the pictures come in and I'll make a choice then. If not, we'll go have some made elsewhere.

Abigail was supposed to be at school early today to get a make-up test taken. Unfortunately, with all the rain we've had in the last 36 hours the regular route (10 minutes to school) was closed because of high water. Instead we had to circle around the long way which made it 20 minutes to school. She'll be taking the make-up test after school instead. The other three are mad because that means they have to stay late too.

Aaaahhhh, good times, good times!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Weekend Update

We spent a large part of our weekend doing this:

Addison had a soccer tournament on Saturday and Sunday. They played two games each day. They won one and lost three. It was very hot and by the end of each day we were both exhausted and a little sunburned to boot.

In other news, Abigail's eye is almost back to normal. Still not quite there but well enough for her to go back to school today.

Yesterday, Dax had to work, but the rest of us kind of took it easy for the day getting ready for all that this week will bring.

It's raining here today and should continue on into tomorrow. Maybe that means no soccer practice tonight?

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

It's already started.....

Guess who dropped in for a visit at our house.


Poor Abigail. She has pink eye in her right eye. This morning that eye would only open about half way because it's so swollen  and it looks like it really hurts. But she says it just really itches.

On top of that, Wyatt, Addison, and I all have colds.

Ain't back to school grand?