Monday, September 20, 2010

A two win weekend

Addison had soccer games on both Saturday and Sunday. And they won both games!!! woohoo!!

Saturday the score was 3-0 and Sunday was 2-0.

This is their third win for the season. The whole team is thrilled. Last season they only won one game all season. They've really come a long way as a team and learning to work together.

The weather-man said on Friday night that our next chance of rain wouldn't be until today. Well, it rained both days over the weekend.

Her game Sunday was in San Antonio and it finished up just as this was approaching.

Unfortunately, that meant we had to drive all the way home in it.

As you can see, it was a real problem for sleeping beauty.

Oh, and on another note......

Dax got tased on Thursday night.

No, he didn't get arrested (or get away for that matter.)

He did it on purpose!!! Volunteered!!!

He's taking the Citizen's Academy at the local police department and they tased those that volunteered.

I called him an idiot......but really, the rest of us view that as a deterrent. You're not supposed to ask to have it done.

I also told him that he only did so that he could get another punch in his man card.

He's got two burn marks from it, but he doesn't care. He was too wound up about having it done. Kind of like a kid at Christmas.

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Beth said...

Good for Addison!! And seriously?!?! Only a man would volunteer and be excited about being tased. I can bet you no woman stepped forward for that one.