Thursday, July 22, 2010

Birthday Boy

Last Friday (the 16th) was Dax's birthday. I've been lazy and haven't gotten the birthday boy's photos posted.

He had what I hope was a nice and relaxing 40th birthday.

We had our usual Friday morning breakfast with friends. Only this time I wore a shirt advertising his 40th birthday, I made cupcakes to hand out, our friends brought balloons, he had a special '40th' coffee cup to drink from, and the waitresses sang to him. Other than that, it was the same as always.

After breakfast we headed back home and Dax and the cat took a nap.

I had to take a picture because the cat never has anything to do with Dax and now she's sleeping on his butt!!

Later in the evening we had ice cream cake and opened presents.

Okay, I have to confess.  We couldn't find anything to light the candles with so I made him make a wish and fake blow out the candles so I could take the picture.

Here he is with his gift from Abigail. You can't see the gift because I was trying to get in close enough that you couldn't see Wyatt in the background.

It obviously didn't work!!

Here he is with Kirsten. This time I managed to keep Wyatt from showing up in the picture, but still no sign of the gift.

After that my camera battery died so there are no more birthday pictures to show.

It's taken a lot of years to learn to just go with the flow when these things happen, but we can't change them so it's just as well to not get upset about it. Besides, the kids decided that we could just save the candles until next year for his birthday since we didn't light them. I guess he'll be 40 again next year and we'll have another chance, right?

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Book Diving?

It's like dumpster diving, only more clean and a lot less stinky.

So, here's how it happened.

We went to drop of some paper in the recycling bins on Friday.

When I went to throw the paper in, I saw that someone had thrown a lot (and I mean a LOT) of books in there. I could see that there was a book that I wanted close to the top but I couldn't reach it. I asked one of the girls to get in and get the book for me. Addison was horrified by the idea of it but Abigail went right around to the side and got in.

She decided that it was a lot of fun and talked Addison into getting in.

I had to practically drag them out so that I could get Addison to soccer practice.

Then on Saturday they asked to go back because there were still a ton of books. But this time Wyatt and Kirsten were with us.

They also didn't want to do it at first but with a little coaxing by Addison and Abigail it they got in too.

This time I got proof, though.

Now they've been asking to go back and look for more books.

I may have created 'monsters.'

Friday, July 9, 2010

Lesson Learned

Addison has had her first true failure in the kitchen.

Sure, there have been things in the past that we didn't really like, but those were just a matter of taste.

But, this was actually a failure.

And a lesson learned (I hope.)

She found a recipe online for cupcakes, wrote it in her recipe notebook, and was excited to try these on her own.

The lesson learned?

It's important to follow the directions. There just might be consequences for not doing it.

For instance, if the recipe says to melt 28 marshmallows with the liquids, it's probably not okay to just pour in the whole bag.

It could lead to cupcakes that are more like hot soup after the 28 minutes of baking time is over.

How many days do you think those pans will need to soak before that stuff will come off?

Thursday, July 8, 2010

5th of July Parade

I know that most people would have had a 4th of July parade, but we don't do that here.

Seriously, last year we had a 3rd of July parade.

At first I was able to justify the reasons. It's Market Days weekend, the crowds will be too much, etc. But now it's a 5th of July parade?

I'm starting to wonder.

Anyway, we arrived early to claim our spot (and parking place) and then headed to the cafe' for breakfast.

We enjoyed breakfast with friends and managed to take long enough eating that we only had to wait about 30 minutes for the parade to start.

Here are some of the highlights.

This is the current sheriff (driving.)

This is Jesse. He built this 'scooter'. Behind it he's pulling his wife in a re-mastered radio flyer wagon.

Cowboy action shooters.

The boy scouts' float this year. They always outdo themselves ....... and everyone else.

The only problem with the parade (aside from the heat) was that this is an election year. There were at least as many (if not more) 'floats' telling us who to vote for as there were community organizations and 'just for fun' floats. I guess that means the parade may be downsized quite a bit next year.

And it's anyones guess when our town will actually have the 4th of July Parade. The 4th is on a Monday next year. Maybe we'll actually get to celebrate on the actual day! Gasp!!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Independence Day Festivities

We decided to participate in our small town's festivies again this year.

We headed to the jubilee and puttered around until time for fireworks later that evening.

Here's some shots capturing the enthusiasm for the events.

The enthusiasm is almost contagious, isn't it?

They had an area with several different types of live music that went on. We went to watch the symphony band so the kids (three of them anyway) could get an idea of what's coming for them next year.

They were really good.

After that we headed back to our car to get the chairs out so we could watch the fireworks.

It was a nice relaxing time. Hope your weekend was enjoyable too.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Sorry it's been so long.....again.

Seems that summer has been so busy, but then if asked what we've been doing I would most likey say that we haven't been doing anything. How does that happen?

Part of the reason for the long pause is that I wanted to upload pictures. We practically have to beat the children away to even get close to the computer at home (no......we don't really beat them) and I keep forgetting to bring THE camera to the office (that means the pictures aren't on my camera.) So, here's part of an update and I'll add the pictures in later.

Week before last the kids attended the Junior Deputy Academy which is a day camp sponsored by the Sheriff's Department.

They loved it!!!

They got to get into police cars, firetrucks, ambulances, on a police motorcycle, and even the life-flight helicopter. They also learned about crime scenes and how to investigate them, hostage negotiations, K-9 units, and being a game warden.

I know that they had a great time because they've requested rubber gloves for investigating crime scenes in our yard.

That made me a little nervous about what they're doing outside.

They've now even acquired caution tape for the crime scenes. Aaak!

Addison and Wyatt have even negotiated Kirsten out of her room when she locked the door. That's something to look forward to with the teen years just around the corner.

The best thing they've learned from it, though, is that (after a tour of the jail) they don't want to wind up there.

I'm always in favor of that little lesson!!