Thursday, July 15, 2010

Book Diving?

It's like dumpster diving, only more clean and a lot less stinky.

So, here's how it happened.

We went to drop of some paper in the recycling bins on Friday.

When I went to throw the paper in, I saw that someone had thrown a lot (and I mean a LOT) of books in there. I could see that there was a book that I wanted close to the top but I couldn't reach it. I asked one of the girls to get in and get the book for me. Addison was horrified by the idea of it but Abigail went right around to the side and got in.

She decided that it was a lot of fun and talked Addison into getting in.

I had to practically drag them out so that I could get Addison to soccer practice.

Then on Saturday they asked to go back because there were still a ton of books. But this time Wyatt and Kirsten were with us.

They also didn't want to do it at first but with a little coaxing by Addison and Abigail it they got in too.

This time I got proof, though.

Now they've been asking to go back and look for more books.

I may have created 'monsters.'


Lindy said...

I don't think you are creating monsters, I think you are creating young people who will know that things have value even if they don't have a monetary cost.
I used to take my girls to the thrift store looking for clothes, toys and books. One day they asked me why we didn't ever buy things that wern't on sale, at the thrift store or TJMaxx. I answered "Why should we?" I saw the light bulb over their heads turn on.
They are now grown and have very good money sense.

Dawn said...

HI not sure how but I blog hopped and love this post... reminds me of the time I picked up an Antique coffee table from the side of the road and my two girls then told their Nana 'we were junk shopping all day from the road Nanna'.. Lol...not monsters just kids who know that one mans junk is another mans treasure...
hugs Dawn x x x