Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Sorry it's been so long.....again.

Seems that summer has been so busy, but then if asked what we've been doing I would most likey say that we haven't been doing anything. How does that happen?

Part of the reason for the long pause is that I wanted to upload pictures. We practically have to beat the children away to even get close to the computer at home (no......we don't really beat them) and I keep forgetting to bring THE camera to the office (that means the pictures aren't on my camera.) So, here's part of an update and I'll add the pictures in later.

Week before last the kids attended the Junior Deputy Academy which is a day camp sponsored by the Sheriff's Department.

They loved it!!!

They got to get into police cars, firetrucks, ambulances, on a police motorcycle, and even the life-flight helicopter. They also learned about crime scenes and how to investigate them, hostage negotiations, K-9 units, and being a game warden.

I know that they had a great time because they've requested rubber gloves for investigating crime scenes in our yard.

That made me a little nervous about what they're doing outside.

They've now even acquired caution tape for the crime scenes. Aaak!

Addison and Wyatt have even negotiated Kirsten out of her room when she locked the door. That's something to look forward to with the teen years just around the corner.

The best thing they've learned from it, though, is that (after a tour of the jail) they don't want to wind up there.

I'm always in favor of that little lesson!!

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