Thursday, July 28, 2011

Out in Luckenbach Texas

But we didn't see Willie or Waylon and The Boys.

The kids decided that they weren't through having fun with the grandparents so they still haven't come home. And, since that meant that Dax and I had the weekend to ourselves, we decided to do something different.

We headed out to Luckenbach to see what was going on.

There was a band playing (Shurman) so we decided to stick around for a bit.

They had the crowd tapping their feet to the rhythm, but this took me by surprise.

I guess now we've seen the real chicken dance, not just the wedding reception version.

You just never know what you'll see when you go to a town like Luckenbach.

We had fun, but it was H.O.T. hot since everything was outside.

We went out there and came home on different routes. Apparently, we took the long way around to get there because the route home was about half the distance.

Live and learn, I guess.

I think my kiddos are coming home this weekend. But, then again, that's what I thought last weekend too.

At least they're having fun.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Save the drama

I know several people that thrive on drama in their lives. If there isn't any at the moment, then they create it themselves.

That is definitely not us!! We like for things to go along as drama free as possible and do our best to avoid it. Sometimes that means avoiding certain people or situations that bring it into our lives.

But then sometimes, we just find ourselves kind of stuck in it.

Like right now!

Last year, the coach for Addison's soccer team got in trouble for something that he had done on one of the boys' teams that he also coached. And he got suspended for a year. There were two fathers that stepped up and coached the girls. And, since they won second place in their division in the Spring, I'd say they did a bang up job.

Well, this weekend we found out that their old coach has been released from his suspension for the girls' team and can coach them again now. He sent out an email letting us know that he's back. That was immediately followed by an email from the acting head coach saying that he's not willing to just step down and that there may need to be a vote by the parents on who the coach should be.

I don't see this whole thing ending well. There doesn't seem to be a way out of this mess without someone getting their feelings hurt, and likely splitting the team up. I hate to see that happen because all of the girls get along. I think that says a lot when you're talking about a dozen or so pre-teen girls not bickering! The parents all get along well, too. If the team splits up, I don't think that either will be able to come up with enough girls to form other teams.

I was going to go turn in Addison's registration forms today. Since they're not due until the end of the month, though, I've decided to hold off until I have a better idea of how this is all gonna play out. *sigh* I can't stop worrying and fretting about it. I couldn't sleep last night because of this. I hate drama!!

Update:  The coaches met alone and hashed things out. They've all three agreed to work together for the good of the girls. What a relief!!

Monday, July 18, 2011

Birthday Celebration

Fortunately the powers-that-be for Dax's state guard regimen didn't have things well planned out so he got to come home on Saturday afternoon in plenty of time to celebrate his birthday. Woohoo for lack of planning on their part. lol

We celebrated with pineapple upside down cupcakes. (Trying to limit the portion sizes for Dax and I.) They turned out really well. Especially since I wasn't following any recipe. Just making it up as I went.

Wyatt, as usual, wrapped his gift in paper that didn't fit the occassion.

He's so goofy!! (Wyatt, that is.)

OK! Yes. Dax too.

 Nice picture,huh?

Addison used popsicle sticks to create this.

 She also got him this cute stapler for his desk. It's a little, fat, round dog.

 Abigail out-did herself with making gifts for his birthday.

She made this pop-up card.

This cute little camera made with construction paper. I suspect that the lens is a pan from the easy bake oven. But it's pretty cute with that picture of her and Dax from when the kids were probably about 3.

 *sigh* I do miss those babies. But these kiddos are pretty great too, so I guess we'll keep them.

And then she made this 'beer' for him.

The mug is filled with Lindt white chocolate truffles (his favorite) and the head on the beer is large marshmallows. She did a great job on all of them.

Kirsten created her own work of art. She drew this picture for her Dad. She was looking at a picture on her Ipod and drew this one and colored it in. She did a fantastic job!

My Dad is a great artist, and it evidentally has skipped a generation here because I certainly didn't get any of that talent. 

It was fun to see what the kids came up with and I hope Dax enjoyed his birthday.

On Sunday we packed the kids up and shipped them off for the week. Their grandparents met us at Wyatt's hockey game (they tied). After the game the grandparents left with the kids and Dax and I headed home to get ready for the work week ahead.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Finally the weekend

I'm so glad the weekend is finally here!!

First off, Happy Birthday Dax!! You're a wonderful husband and father and we're lucky to share our lives with you. I couldn't ask for a better husband and the kids couldn't ask for a better father.

Unfortunately, he's gone this weekend. He's off doing his monthly weekend with the guard.

Bertie tried to go with him but he wouldn't take her along.

I swear that cat got on the bag the second he set it down. Even after he pushed her off of it she was still trying to climb back on as he was picking it up to leave. She's so silly.

The kids are heading out tomorrow after Wyatt's hockey game. They're going to spend the week with their grandparents. I swear that this is the only week they had all summer when at least one of them wasn't involved in something.

Anyway, it's a good thing because even with their activities, I think they're getting bored at home. If building the dirt-castle-forts wasn't enough, now they've actually reverted  to playing with cars in their pajamas.

I don't think they've done this since they were 5!! It must be getting really tough coming up with something fun to do.

Although, it's not quite the same game as it was back then. TV has had it's influence because now there's a wrecker and cars are being repo-ed and sometimes (as I hear it) the cops even have to be called to difuse the situation. LOL

Monday, July 11, 2011

Castles in the drive

Now that all of the dogs have painted nails, the kids did find something else to do.

They've started building dirt (we have no sand) castles in the drive-way.

I guess if times get too tough they can always build us a new place to live, right?

These are all over the place and Dax had to dodge them to even be able to park the car. Of course, Wyatt's 'fort' has little plastic soldiers all around it.

Oh, and yes, they're 12.

Seriously, they are.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Just Wrong!!

It's just wrong to do this to a male dog......

Especially one that's a pit bull!

Even he can't look at it.

Actually, the kids have done this to all of their dogs.

May need to find something else to help them occupy their spare time.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Another Happy 4th of July

This year we were busier than usual for the 4th of July. With Addison and Abigail being cheerleaders now, they were participating in the parade in town.

Here are some shots of the float decorating that went on Sunday evening....

Oh! Wait. Those are all adults doing the work.

Where are my kids?

I found them.

They actually helped far more than the older girls. The 8th grade cheerleaders were inside eating the candy that was supposed to be thrown at the parade.

On Monday, we had to be at the parade early, early for the girls to be at their float. So we dropped them off and the rest of us went to the cafe to have breakfast and then wait for the parade. And, honey was it hot!

But we enjoyed the parade anyway.

See the joy?

 Okay, at least my Mom looks happy.

It appears that Habitat for Humanity didn't have time to finish their float.

 I'm kidding!

I always like these guys.

Here come the cheerleaders!

 Addison is on the far left at the end of the float. She's busy yelling something....apparently. Abigail was on the other side and you can't see her in this picture.

All in all, it was a good time. We had an enjoyable evening at home. We didn't have any fireworks this year because of the drought. They've all been banned. The stands weren't even allowed to open because it's too dry for any kind fireworks. That was a bummer!

Friday, July 1, 2011

Don't see that every day!

I've kept a list of some of the weird things Dax & I have seen this week.

* We were sitting at a red light and saw a truck driver out beside his truck. He had on shorts and was walking around (I know.....that's not the weird part.) When he turned with his back to us, he had his shorts all rolled up in the back so that his butt cheeks were showing!!!

* We saw the guy at the cafe' in the rabbit suit.

* There was a heavy set man walking his bicycle down the side of the road. Just about the time we approached, he stopped and lifted his shirt AND his stomach to scratch an itchy spot. You should have seen the happy grin he had on his face while he was doing it. lol

* Got to see a guy pulled off the the side of the highway puking his guts out.

* We went to lunch with the intention of stopping to get some paper afterwards at Office Depot. While we were at lunch the power went out in the building. (Of course it was right after we paid so no free lunch for us.) The power was out in the whole area so we couldn't stop at Office Depot. We drove by just to make sure that their power was out too. While we were there these two young boys came speeding into the parking lot, parked, and were headed into the store. It was totally black inside the store and you could tell from the glass doors that the power was out. We decided to wait and watch them and sure enough, they walked up to the doors and almost into them when they didn't open. Then they were both holding their hands up to their faces trying to see inside and figure out what was going on. It was pretty funny.

I still feel like I'm leaving something out, but I don't know what it could be. And, I'm sorry that there aren't any accompanying pictures, but Dax just wouldn't turn back and let me take pictures of any of them. LOL

Wonder if the weekend will bring anything more.