Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Another Happy 4th of July

This year we were busier than usual for the 4th of July. With Addison and Abigail being cheerleaders now, they were participating in the parade in town.

Here are some shots of the float decorating that went on Sunday evening....

Oh! Wait. Those are all adults doing the work.

Where are my kids?

I found them.

They actually helped far more than the older girls. The 8th grade cheerleaders were inside eating the candy that was supposed to be thrown at the parade.

On Monday, we had to be at the parade early, early for the girls to be at their float. So we dropped them off and the rest of us went to the cafe to have breakfast and then wait for the parade. And, honey was it hot!

But we enjoyed the parade anyway.

See the joy?

 Okay, at least my Mom looks happy.

It appears that Habitat for Humanity didn't have time to finish their float.

 I'm kidding!

I always like these guys.

Here come the cheerleaders!

 Addison is on the far left at the end of the float. She's busy yelling something....apparently. Abigail was on the other side and you can't see her in this picture.

All in all, it was a good time. We had an enjoyable evening at home. We didn't have any fireworks this year because of the drought. They've all been banned. The stands weren't even allowed to open because it's too dry for any kind fireworks. That was a bummer!

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