Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Thank goodness that's over

It was a long and very stressful tax season this year. I'm still not sure we've recovered.....possibly because there is still so much work to be done.

Some of what has happened in our lives:

Two of our dogs got into a fight. It was awful. They both had lots of wounds but one of them has to be in the hospital for a few days. She had a wound that had to be made even bigger because of the tissue damage which left a gaping hole on her neck.  It took a long time to get to the point where it finally started to heal. But once it did, it healed very quickly. Unfortunately, the vet told us that we will have to keep those dogs separated from now on.

In late March, my Aunt and Uncle were killed in a car wreck. It's always a shock to lose someone so suddenly, but to lose them both still seems unreal. It was good to see everyone at the funeral. I just wish it had been for a better reason. We have to make a better effort to see each other and to make sure everyone knows how much we care. It seems that we all get too busy with 'life' and all too often things get put aside when they're too important to do so.

After all the stress, it was all the better to have all of our family with us for Easter. And to take a little time to do this.

It's sometimes hard to understand why life works the way it does, but maybe it's not for us to figure out. Overall, it's all good.