Monday, January 31, 2011

The fun(ny) continues.........

Here's a quick break down of some of the things that have been going on.


Sometime during the past week, the kids were out front with their dogs. Kuddles came running out of the wooded part of our property (The Black Forest of Doom) carrying a stick. Addison went to get the stick from her to keep playing with it only to realize that it was actually a deer leg bone (with some fur still on it.)

She went running and screaming in the opposite direction.

Abigail tried to intervene and get the bone away from her, but Rocky got it first and took off running.

They did finally get it from the dogs and dispose of it. I just hope the dogs don't come up with any other parts of the deer. Blech!!


On Wednesday (I think it was) Kirsten brushed her teeth with athlete's foot cream.

She says it tastes awful--just in case you're thinking of trying it yourself.


On Saturday morning Abigail had a UIL competition. She was competing in Music Memory. For this they play a clip from a song and the contestant must know the composer, piece, and score.

She had to be at the school before the sun came up so they could make the two hour drive to the school hosting the competition. (I was caught off guard at how hard it was to drop her off in the dark to get on a bus and head to this competition. Just more proof that my babies are growing up.)

She sent me a text message (well, she sent me a lot but the others weren't pertinent) after she got out of the test saying that she just went blank when she got in there and the competition started.

She was really worried about how she did. She didn't want to be last.

So, she was thrilled to find out that she got 4th place!! Woohoo!!! Our district got 1st overall. She's so excited about placing in the competition and we're proud as can be.


Wyatt has graduated from the skating classes and will be moving up to the "How to Play Hockey" classes. This is the big time. This is where we have to go get him fitted for the equipment and really make the investment.

He couldn't be more excited!!

Abigail still wants to know when she can start. I guess she's not going to change her mind so easily.

Stupid not working mind control!!

Monday, January 24, 2011

I'm not here today.....

.....but you can find me over here  A to Z for Moms Like Me. I'm writing a monthly article for them. Go check it out and then look around at some of the other articles over there. You'll find a list of topics in the left side bar.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

There's an app for that

The kids are loving their new Ipod Touches.

The other night at dinner, I said something that made Dax laugh. The next thing we know, Abigail pushes a button on her Ipod (which is sitting on the table) and the something funny has been followed by the comedic drums ba-dum-bum.

Then when Dax said something else, she responds with a sound effect of wa-wa-waaaaa.

I guess his wasn't as funny?

A few minutes later Addison told a knock knock joke (which I'm pretty sure she just made up) and it was followed by the sound of crickets chirping.

Who knew how much dinner conversation was missing without the sound effects?

They've also been recording us in an app that makes us sound like Alvin & The Chipmunks when it's played back.

It's kind of scary what kind of apps are out there, and how many of them they've discovered already.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Berty's Bad Day

Poor little Berty had a bad day yesterday.

It was time for her to get spayed.

I dropped her off early in the morning and Dax picked her up after all the kids' orthodontist appointments.

It's safe to say that she wasn't happy. As the anesthesia wore off she just got mean. She was growling at us and trying to bite us. Poor baby.

We had her locked in our bathroom while the medication wore off. At one point Abigail and Kirsten had gone in there to check on her. Because she was alert enough at this point to start messing with the stitches, they decided to put the cone collar thingy on her (the nurse convinced Dax that it was a really good idea when he picked her up.)

Anyway, based on the meowing, growling, and banging around that I could hear coming from the bathroom, you would have thought they were trying to tame a lion! I told them more than once to just leave her alone but they didn't give up until Abigail had gotten some nice big scratches.

Later, I went in and put the collar on her.

It was a bad idea.

She was flipping all over the place and clawing at it trying to get it off. I finally decided that she was going to do more damage trying to get it off of her head.

I told Dax that when she's all healed we'll have to put it back on her and video tape it. LOL

She was feeling much better this morning, I guess, because she wasn't so mean.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

It's all in the touch

Well, all four kids have gathered together all the money they could find (birthday, Christmas, selling gift cards to Mom) and they've each purchased and Ipod Touch.

And just like that, every other electronic gadget in the house has become obsolete.

Abigail has spent at least three years bugging us to get her a cell phone. She finally got one for her birthday and the Ipod Touch has her wondering if she even needs the phone anymore (which is why we got pay as you go and didn't sign a contract.)

Yeah, for smart thinking on our part!!

Still, I don't know what it is about it, but 'the touch' is all that matters now.

Friday, January 14, 2011

New tactic....

I have a new tactic for getting Addison to do what I want.

It's brilliant really.

I told her that if she's not careful, I will make this her facebook profile picture:

So far, she's under my complet control! Wonder how long it will last?

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Saturday silly-ness

We went to another hockey game last night.

But this time Dax's parents and little sister came to the game too.

Poppey has been complaining about being out  in the cold so for Christmas we gave him a scarf and some gloves. He later said something about his ears being cold when he rides his bike.

It didn't go unnoticed..........

Since we all LOVE 'Christmas Vacation' and usually watch it together as a family I ran into my sewing room before we were to meet up and made him his very own Cousin Eddie Cap!

Dax's mother was horrified when he snuck it on once we were inside. (She's leaning away from him in the picture.)

See, ear flaps and all.

We had a really good time. Even if our team lost.

The only really scary thing is that now Abigail is wanting to play hockey.

I'm really not sure how intimidating all 56 pounds of her will be out on the ice.

We're still trying to talk her into something else, but the whole mind control thing isn't really working.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

You never know what you'll find........

I hope everyone had a great New Year's. We went to a party and had a great time. That's the first time we've done that on New Year's Eve in absolutely forever.

The kids are back in school and we're back to our same old routines. It's kind of nice. lol

Yesterday morning the cat woke me up really early so I had time to do other things before I got the kids up. One of the things I did was fold the load of towels that were in the dryer.

Now, the kids have been doing their own laundry for about a year now so I don't have much reason to go into their bathrooms other than to make sure they've cleaned them when I tell them too. Even then, I just look into the room, not into the cabinets and all.

Well, yesterday morning when I went to put towels in the cabinet in Wyatt's bathroom imagine my surprise to find a giant blue stuffed bunny. Then, imagine my even greater surprise to move the bunny aside and find this:

That's five - yes 5! - bowls that were in his bathroom cabinet!! There's no telling what else I might find if I go dig around under his bed and in his closet........or on his top bunk. *cringe*

I know he must have at least 10 glasses hidden scattered in there.

I could understand not wanting to get up to take them back to the kitchen, but he's already getting up to hide them in the bathroom. Gaah!!!

Honestly, though, this isn't anything new for him. Since he's been old enough to walk I've been finding food hidden in his dresser drawers, closet shelves, etc.

I thought he'd outgrow it.

I guess maybe not.