Thursday, January 20, 2011

Berty's Bad Day

Poor little Berty had a bad day yesterday.

It was time for her to get spayed.

I dropped her off early in the morning and Dax picked her up after all the kids' orthodontist appointments.

It's safe to say that she wasn't happy. As the anesthesia wore off she just got mean. She was growling at us and trying to bite us. Poor baby.

We had her locked in our bathroom while the medication wore off. At one point Abigail and Kirsten had gone in there to check on her. Because she was alert enough at this point to start messing with the stitches, they decided to put the cone collar thingy on her (the nurse convinced Dax that it was a really good idea when he picked her up.)

Anyway, based on the meowing, growling, and banging around that I could hear coming from the bathroom, you would have thought they were trying to tame a lion! I told them more than once to just leave her alone but they didn't give up until Abigail had gotten some nice big scratches.

Later, I went in and put the collar on her.

It was a bad idea.

She was flipping all over the place and clawing at it trying to get it off. I finally decided that she was going to do more damage trying to get it off of her head.

I told Dax that when she's all healed we'll have to put it back on her and video tape it. LOL

She was feeling much better this morning, I guess, because she wasn't so mean.

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