Friday, February 14, 2014

Busy, busy, busy

It's just crazy that it seems like we're always so busy, but I doubt we're busy doing anything that people are interested in reading about here.

The kids are so busy with high school. They've spent the last couple of weeks in small groups writing plays for their English classes and there are plenty of other projects being worked on (all the time) it seems.

Addison was in another pageant last weekend. She won the title of Queen for her age division. But, I think she was most excited for winning the photo contest for 'Daddy & Me'.  She got a cute crown for that too.

Here's her entry.
(They don't look much alike, do they? Ha!)
Props to Abigail for her mad photography skills. She went to the pageant with us and was also thrilled that the picture she took was the winner.
Soccer practice continues. The first game is next weekend. Kind of looking forward to watching Addison out there playing again.
Kirsten has been busy painting a pair of sneakers. It's hard to see, but she zentangled them with a white paint pen. They turned out really cute and she spent hours doing it.
Besides her award winning photography, Abigail has also spent some time in the kitchen. She made some trail mix to take to school with her the other day.
I don't know what trail she's going to use that on. Did you notice that there isn't a single thing in there that's healthy? She didn't even bother to throw in one lonely peanut!
Wyatt has been busy mastering his gaming skills in his free time. Go figure! A teenage boy that likes to play video games. Who would have guessed that?
It's tax time so things have picked up at the office and that keeps Dax and I VERY busy.