Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Quick Update

Now that school is back in session (and all the activities that go along with it) we're busy, busy.

Addison played soccer this weekend. Saturday they lost 0-1. Sunday's game was much better with a 7-1 victory. On Sunday they finally played hard again, which the team really hadn't done since the tournament in San Antonio in August. It was good to see them back out there playing the way we know they can.

On Monday, Addison started taking math lessons at Kumon. She's struggling in math a little this year so I'm hoping that this will help give her a solid foundation to move forward with. I think somewhere along the line some of the basics didn't sink in like they should have. It looks like a really good program from the research we've done so I hope she likes it and makes it work for her.

Yesterday the girls were supposed to cheer at the 8th grade football games. Shortly after they started the 2nd quarter, the fields had to be cleared because of lightening in the area. We had to wait 30 minutes for them to make a final decision about the game. As the time passed the storm just blew closer in so they called the game. I don't know if we'll have to make it up or not since there was no score yet, and the second  game didn't even get started. Unfortunately the storm produced a lot of lightening and noise but only a little rain. We could certainly use the rain.

Wyatt is doing better. His knee has been pain free, for the most part. He's hobbling around the house a little without the crutches, but I'm not ready for him to go to school without them. The brace is still on and I'm afraid that it would be too easy for him to lose his balance if someone bumped into him and he didn't have the crutches with him. His knee is still swollen to about twice (or more) it's normal size. Abigail looked it up online and found that it might stay swollen as long as a week after the injury. Well, that's tomorrow so if it doesn't look any better in the morning I'm going to call the doctor and see if I need to be panicking about it.

There's a school dance on Friday so Kirsten's most pressing issue at the moment is deciding on the perfect thing to wear. :0)

Friday, September 23, 2011

P.E. is hazardous to your health.....

Well, it's hazardous for Wyatt anyway.

He got knocked down in PE yesterday and fell just right and dislocated his knee (read: his knee cap slid over to the side of his leg.)

The school called a little before 1:00 to tell me what had happened and that I needed to pick him up and take him to the doctor. I grabbed my purse and hit the road.

Side rant: Why is it that when you're worried sick and in a hurry that you get stuck behind the SLOWEST driver on the road that day? It drives me nuts!!

After the coach called me she was able to get a hold of the trainer at the high school and he went and put Wyatt's knee cap back in place. They had just finished when I got there and Wyatt was still looking a little green from the whole thing.

We were lucky in that the trainer called an orthopedist and was able to get us an appointment right away. If not, we would have surely had to wait an extra day to see someone.

After several x-rays they determined that it's not broken. He will have to be in this brace keeping his leg straight for three weeks and then we go back to the doctor. If things have healed by then, they will unlock the brace so that it can bend and he'll start physical therapy.

He's in a lot of pain still, but he's handled the whole thing like a real trooper. The coaches couldn't believe that he didn't cry at all and kept commenting on how tough he is. Although, he was very unhappy with the doctor for pushing on it and just making it hurt worse.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Two bits, four bits......

The girls got to cheer at their first football game on Thursday. Actually, they cheered at two games (8th grade A & B teams.)

They really had fun doing it.

Addison at the top of the pyramid.

They did say that their legs and feet were sore after it was all over.

Unfortunately, the cheers didn't help the football teams at all. They both lost.

On Friday night Dax had to head out for his State Guard weekend.

As usual, something out of the ordinary happened while he was gone.

This time our outside cat (Ms. Kitty) wandered into the back yard and the dogs attacked her.

Luckily we heard all the commotion out there and got outside in time to stop it before she got hurt. I was worried about her because she's getting pretty old and she seamed to be really confused.

But, she's back to her same old grouchy self now so I guess she's feeling fine.

Dax may not be able to leave anymore if this kind of craziness keeps up.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Another tragic loss.....

Over the weekend we suffered another tragic loss in the kitchen.

--On the bright side, this one wasn't my fault!--

Abigail was making some lunch for herself and didn't realize that the plastic cover for things cooked in the microwave was actually touching the burner.

As you can see from the photo, it took quite a bit of time (and melting) before she noticed it.

That plastic on the burner stunk up the whole house!!

I had to wait for it to cook and re-harden so that I could chip it off of the stove.

We're really having a hard time in the kitchen lately.  I guess we're just going to have to start eating out all the time.

I know, I know. It's just wishful thinking.

Monday, September 12, 2011

What do cheerleaders have?


Or at least pep rallies.

Thursday was the first pep rally.

Abigail is on the far left. (Don't be fooled, Abigail is not that 'tiny'. The girl on the right is really tall for a 12 year old. I thinks she's taller than me and I haven't seen 12 in a long, long time.)

The girls were so excited about the pep rally. (I couldn't get any pictures of Addison because she's in the back row on the other side of the gym.)

Wyatt was pretty excited too because it was his first time to perform in the band at a pep rally. Poor Abigail had to run back and forth from cheer leading to play in the band. (I couldn't get any pictures of Wyatt because he was hidden behind a music stand.)

It was really kind of sad though, because they were supposed to play against Smithville. However, Smithville is one of the areas that is on fire here in central Texas so the games were cancelled. I heard this morning that the fires are about 60% contained and well over 1500 homes have been destroyed. It's just heart breaking! The High School had a scrimmage game. They collected items needed by both families and fire fighters and all proceeds went to help those affected.....especially in Smithville. It was very touching indeed.

But they thoroughly enjoyed the pep rally. I obviously attended since I took pictures, but they spent the whole week practicing it in the kitchen while I cooked dinner. I swear I fell asleep every night with those cheers going through my head. I felt like I already new the pep rally without having to actually be there.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

It was a bust....

Addison's soccer tournament was a bust. The girls had to play three other teams (same as last weekend.) But, this time I guess they didn't have enough teams sign up so two of the teams they played against were Super 2  -- Addison's team is Division 2. Super 2 is the next level of play better. (It would be kind of like making high school football players play against college teams in order to get to the championship.)

Well, of course they didn't do too good.

The really terrible part of it is that if the tournament hosts had told us that they would be doing this, we wouldn't have signed up for it. I mean, even though the girls know that the teams were way above their level of play, they still feel awful for the beating they took out on the field.

As a parent it was painful to watch.  I didn't even take pictures!

There was also another bust.

Last night.

I had baked bread and after it had cooled I had stacked the pans and pushed them to the back of the stove.

I turned on a burner to dry my cast iron skillet. I noticed that it wasn't doing anything and realized I had turned on the back burner.

The one under the loaf pans.

I turned it off and pushed the pans to the side so they wouldn't be on the burner. When I did that the bottom pan shattered and glass went everywhere!! I was lucky and didn't get cut but it certainly scared me.

Dax seems to think that the common problem is me and the glass baking dishes. I know that's not true though.

We were having fish again last night. It's the fish y'all!!

Other than that we had a nice weekend.