Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Not so boring after all......

Well, maybe it's not so boring after all with the kids gone.

Dax and I decided to head out to the flea market and just walk around so that we could get out for a little bit.

We did that, but not for long because it was so hot. Instead we drove back up to Gruene (pronounced 'green') and had lunch at the Grist Mill. We had sandwiches and onion rings. This is what was left of the onion rings.

They were gooooood!!

I had so much fun taking all those pictures of Dax last time that I did it again.

This is a picture of Dax telling me not to take his picture......

He's trying to look really mean in this one....
After lunch we went next door to Gruene Hall where they have live bands performing.

It wasn't too bad when we first got there. There weren't many people listening to the band that was playing and a breeze could blow through.

I found it interesting that this guy was up front painting, but we didn't see a finished product.

The second band that performed while we there was pretty impressive. While they were setting up, Dax commented that the drummer looked like he was about 12. He was wrong........the kid was 13. And the lead guitar player was 14. So now we're wondering if our kids are really underachievers. (I'm just kidding!!.....sorta.......lol)

When these kids were playing, the hall filled up and it got REALLY hot in there so we left at the end of their set and headed back home because I had a birthday cake to make for a friends birthday.

We had breakfast at the cafe' on Monday morning to celebrate her birthday (we eat there every Friday morning). Imagine our surprise when this came through the door!

He was getting ready to perform a rain dance. Why he's wearing a rabbit costume, nobody knows.

But it made for an interesting breakfast.

Then this morning, the dogs were chasing a skunk out front. Oh, joy!!!

Can't wait to see what the rest of the week brings.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

The sound of quiet

Dax & I are enjoying the quiet at our house.

Yesterday the kids went to spend the week with their grandparents.

I know they will have fun. Dax & I tried to think of something to go do last night. I don't know if it's because we're too old or too cheap, but we could't even come up with anything fun to do. We even tried to go rent a movie but didn't find anything we were interested in. How sad is that?!

I guess it's alright though, because Dax and Wyatt went golfing on Friday and nearly died in the heat. It was too hot to even get through the first nine. With this kind of heat it makes it hard to get very interested in doing anything.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

TV or not tv

......that is the question.

I'm thinking I may need to get rid of the televisions in our house. Or at least the satellite service.

The things that Addison is watching on tv are causing too much trouble around our house.

And it's not like she's watching 'bad' channels. Who would have thought that TLC, the Food Network, or the Discovery Channel could cause such problems?

Seriously, the kids have been out of school for a little over three weeks. In that short amount of time Addison has sent an application to be on the next season of 'Chopped', she's decided to be an extreme couponer (that lasted about a weekend), and now she's decided to be a beauty pageant contestant!

She's obsessed with it!

Yes, THIS girl decided that she wants to compete in beauty pageants.

Maybe this will be her sports wear outfit?

Monday, June 20, 2011

Father's Day Fun

I hope everyone had a great Father's Day.

We had a good time here. I served Dax breakfast in bed (cinnamon apple crepes) because the kids were all still asleep.

Then he took Wyatt to his hockey game. They won!!! Woohoo!

Kirsten and Abigail tagged along. Addison and I stayed at the house so that she could get her present ready.

She made this:

It was her own creation. A cookie jar cake.

Actually, her vision was much more grand but I made her scale it back some. Okay, a lot. But her Daddy still appreciated it just the same.

Last year Dax's gift fromWyatt was in a birthday bag so he didn't want to make that mistake again.

He gave Dax a golf club cover that's like the gopher from Caddy Shack. Too funny!

Kirsten and Abigail both made their gifts for Dax.

From Kirsten he got this cute little dog made with golf balls.

And from Abigail he got a variety of things. One of which was a new smart phone.

Under each of those flaps (the apps) is something sweet to say to her Daddy.

Later we went out for ice cream. It was a good day and I hope the other fathers out there had equally good days.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Hockey Mom

I guess it's official.

I'm a hockey mom now.

Do you think that means I look like a pit bull with lipstick?

Anyway, Wyatt played in his first actual hockey game on Sunday.

It's just a house summer league meant for fun and learning. His team lost 16 - 11.

He's number 5 in the picture.

A lot of those boys are much better than him but he's working hard at getting better.

It was fun watching him play and Addison was yelling and cheering for him up in the stands (even if there were only about 15 people up there--and we accounted for 5 of them.)

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Two down, two to go

Wyatt got braces on Thursday.........

I know it's probably hard to tell from his expression in the picture but he's not particularly thrilled about it.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Cheer camp day 3

Final day....

 The shorts with these camp close have their names on the butt......I hate that.....well, with names like Addison and Abigail all those letters won't fit onto those skinny little butts so their's have nicknames, but still.....

Anyway, at the end of day three the cheerleaders had a performance to show the parents what they learned.

I took lots of pictures but none really turned out good. Here's one of Abigail that wasn't too bad.

This is the whole group of cheerleaders with the two girls that ran the camp. They're college girls that work for the UCA (United Cheer Association -- I think) doing these camps during the summer.

 The girls had a really good time, but I'm not sure what they really learned.

I mean look at this outfit Addison was sporting later that night...

And what's even worse than that?

She actually let me take a picture! And posed for it!!!

They're glad to get to sleep in now, though.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Cheer camp day 2

Do they look like their muscles are sore?

Because they sure complained about when  I woke them up.

Even early in the morning it's hard to get them to be serious.....

Monday, June 6, 2011

Down by the river.....

Dax and I are so grateful to my parents. Thanks to them we were able to get away for the weekend for some much needed time together and time to just kick back and relax a little.

They came on Thursday night to stay with the kids so we headed down to the River Walk in San Antonio on Friday morning after breakfast.

The hotel was nice and our room had a balcony which was nice, even if the view wasn't so great....

This trip wasn't about the view, so it didn't matter.

It was about this....

We hung out in the room (even took a nap! *gasp*) and hung out down at the River Walk. 

That's pretty much it.

On Saturday night we stopped at a sport's bar to watch the hockey game. I managed to get some action shots while we were there.

Chips and queso...

 Uh oh....this is the look that means he's about to get me if I don't quit taking his picture.

Wiping his hands, he's getting serious about it now....guess I'd better stop snapping pictures.

It was a great weekend and it sure makes it hard to head back to work and the regular grind.

In other news, Addison and Abigail have cheer camp this week.

Day One:

Friday, June 3, 2011

Let the summer fun begin.....

It's summer and the activities are already in full swing.

Monday night was the season end soccer party for Addison's team. I'm not really sure why they call it the end of the season though, because we're still practicing twice a week.

They had a pool party and we ordered pizza. I think she had a lot of fun. She went to bed early if that's any indication of her activity level at the party.

Kirsten started tennis camp on Tuesday morning. It was only for four days to let them get a feel for it and decide if it's something they want to pursue. I'm pretty sure she does, unless she decides that she just can't sweat that much. And like my mom said, we need for our children to get out there and get involved in more activities.

Here's a shot of the budding tennis pro.

She told me that she felt stupid taking this picture. She should be happy that it's in the driveway and not at the tennis courts. LOL

Wyatt went Tuesday night to skate and perform for the coaches so they could assign teams for the summer house league for hockey. Then on Wednesday night he had a checking class. He really didn't want to go because he was so sore from Tuesday night's activities, but we're mean and made him go suffer through it. It's for his own good. It builds character, right?  It's all good though because he enjoyed it.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

It's rodeo time........

On Sunday evening we went to the annual Memorial Weekend Rodeo just down the road from us.

We all really enjoy it.

See here's a picture of Dax and I enjoying it.

We were lucky and even though it was very warm during the day, it was very windy so that kept it from being miserable out.

Here are a couple of  pictures from the evening. I'm sorry they're so bad. It was dark and I had to use my zoom at max so they're pretty grainy.

Bronc riding.....

Calf roping......

When they were getting the arena ready before everything got started, we decided this is the rodeo equivalent of the zamboni.

We tried to get the kids to go out and do the calf scramble or the mutton bustin' but they wouldn't even budge. They actually had an adult calf scramble but there certainly wasn't enough booze there to get either one of us into the arena for that!

It was a lot of fun and the kids look forward to it every year.

One of the bull riders got hurt and we all hope he's okay.