Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Not so boring after all......

Well, maybe it's not so boring after all with the kids gone.

Dax and I decided to head out to the flea market and just walk around so that we could get out for a little bit.

We did that, but not for long because it was so hot. Instead we drove back up to Gruene (pronounced 'green') and had lunch at the Grist Mill. We had sandwiches and onion rings. This is what was left of the onion rings.

They were gooooood!!

I had so much fun taking all those pictures of Dax last time that I did it again.

This is a picture of Dax telling me not to take his picture......

He's trying to look really mean in this one....
After lunch we went next door to Gruene Hall where they have live bands performing.

It wasn't too bad when we first got there. There weren't many people listening to the band that was playing and a breeze could blow through.

I found it interesting that this guy was up front painting, but we didn't see a finished product.

The second band that performed while we there was pretty impressive. While they were setting up, Dax commented that the drummer looked like he was about 12. He was wrong........the kid was 13. And the lead guitar player was 14. So now we're wondering if our kids are really underachievers. (I'm just kidding!!.....sorta.......lol)

When these kids were playing, the hall filled up and it got REALLY hot in there so we left at the end of their set and headed back home because I had a birthday cake to make for a friends birthday.

We had breakfast at the cafe' on Monday morning to celebrate her birthday (we eat there every Friday morning). Imagine our surprise when this came through the door!

He was getting ready to perform a rain dance. Why he's wearing a rabbit costume, nobody knows.

But it made for an interesting breakfast.

Then this morning, the dogs were chasing a skunk out front. Oh, joy!!!

Can't wait to see what the rest of the week brings.

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