Wednesday, June 22, 2011

TV or not tv

......that is the question.

I'm thinking I may need to get rid of the televisions in our house. Or at least the satellite service.

The things that Addison is watching on tv are causing too much trouble around our house.

And it's not like she's watching 'bad' channels. Who would have thought that TLC, the Food Network, or the Discovery Channel could cause such problems?

Seriously, the kids have been out of school for a little over three weeks. In that short amount of time Addison has sent an application to be on the next season of 'Chopped', she's decided to be an extreme couponer (that lasted about a weekend), and now she's decided to be a beauty pageant contestant!

She's obsessed with it!

Yes, THIS girl decided that she wants to compete in beauty pageants.

Maybe this will be her sports wear outfit?


Quadmama said...

When I made a cake recently, my daughters kept saying "Oh, your time is almost up to get the cake iced." I couldn't figure out what was going on... and then I realized they watch too much "Cakeoff." (I think that's what it's called). At least your daughter is hooked on decent reality shows!

Anonymous said...
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