Monday, June 6, 2011

Down by the river.....

Dax and I are so grateful to my parents. Thanks to them we were able to get away for the weekend for some much needed time together and time to just kick back and relax a little.

They came on Thursday night to stay with the kids so we headed down to the River Walk in San Antonio on Friday morning after breakfast.

The hotel was nice and our room had a balcony which was nice, even if the view wasn't so great....

This trip wasn't about the view, so it didn't matter.

It was about this....

We hung out in the room (even took a nap! *gasp*) and hung out down at the River Walk. 

That's pretty much it.

On Saturday night we stopped at a sport's bar to watch the hockey game. I managed to get some action shots while we were there.

Chips and queso...

 Uh oh....this is the look that means he's about to get me if I don't quit taking his picture.

Wiping his hands, he's getting serious about it now....guess I'd better stop snapping pictures.

It was a great weekend and it sure makes it hard to head back to work and the regular grind.

In other news, Addison and Abigail have cheer camp this week.

Day One:

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Rachel said...

I love the picures of Dax eating! They made me laugh out loud! How great that you guys got to take a weekend away by yourselves. You guys are always so busy that just reading about everything you do makes me tired. You definitely deserved a weekend away.