Friday, June 10, 2011

Cheer camp day 3

Final day....

 The shorts with these camp close have their names on the butt......I hate that.....well, with names like Addison and Abigail all those letters won't fit onto those skinny little butts so their's have nicknames, but still.....

Anyway, at the end of day three the cheerleaders had a performance to show the parents what they learned.

I took lots of pictures but none really turned out good. Here's one of Abigail that wasn't too bad.

This is the whole group of cheerleaders with the two girls that ran the camp. They're college girls that work for the UCA (United Cheer Association -- I think) doing these camps during the summer.

 The girls had a really good time, but I'm not sure what they really learned.

I mean look at this outfit Addison was sporting later that night...

And what's even worse than that?

She actually let me take a picture! And posed for it!!!

They're glad to get to sleep in now, though.

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