Friday, August 29, 2008


Addison, who usually likes to do this

and Wyatt, who usually likes to do this

have both signed up for this!

They're terribly excited about it. They've been online looking up equipment, rules, and any information they can get their hot little hands on. I hope that it lives up to their expectations since they are so excited. However, it does make me a little nervous because it has the potential of bringing arguments between the kids to a whole new level. LOL!! Although, Wyatt already participates in this

(that's not him in the picture)

so I guess it really should be safe. 80)

Hope everyone has a great Labor Day weekend. We'll be going to my nieces 18th birthday party. I can't believe she's already's like she was just born yesterday. Where does the time go?

Monday, August 25, 2008

And they're off....

Today was the first day of school. My gang is in the fourth grade now!! Time goes by so quickly. 8(

They were so excited though. Yesterday I gave them all of their school supplies and they spent quite a bit of time rearranging them in their backpacks. They got right up this morning and were ready in record time. They started telling me it was time to go about 30 minutes before it was actually time to go. I hope they have a great day and can't wait to hear all about it when they get home.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Swimming Fun

I took the kids to my parents' house this weekend. They're staying with them this week and will be doing some back to school shopping and lots of other fun things. I had to take these pictures of the kids in the pool.

Now, could my Mom have bought goggles that looked any dorkier than this? rofl I laughed at them so hard - which of course puts me in the running for Mother of the Year.

I also met a friend of mine (and her family) for lunch at Landry's on the Boardwalk in Kemah. It was only me meeting her because nobody else would go with me. The kids wanted to be in the pool and Dax had to work (or so he claimed ;0) )It was great to get to see her again and spend time with her family. It was a nice time, but then I had to hit the road for the long drive back home.

I decided to take the even longer way home so that I could stop and shop in some of the small towns on my way home. I take full advantage of these times in order to shop at the kind of places I like to go into that the rest of my family hates. lol Well, by going this way I went about 2 hours out of my way and I'll be damned if not one of the shops I wanted to stop at was open. The only stops I made were at two gas stations. Once to get something to drink and visit the lady's room and once to actually get gas. I was pissed to say the least. I'm still trying to convince myself to look on the bright side and think of all the money I didn't spend. Whatever!! I wanted to shop. *pout* I guess I'll leave early when it's time to pick the kids up and see if that works out any better for me. rofl!

Thursday, August 7, 2008


Yesterday was my birthday. I just love how excited the kids get just to be giving presents. I'm the same way. :0) I just love giving gifts to people and I'm always a little hurt if I feel like they don't like it. kwim? Anyway, it was a good day and the kids did great on the gifts they picked out. And the cards were all so funny too. They've got great senses of humor. I would post pics of the 'party' but I don't know how to get them off of the camera Dax was using. We just did the family thing because somehow as the number goes up it just doesn't seem like as big a deal to celebrate. lol I have to figure out how to get the pics though because you have to see the candles on my cake. The package of candles had melted together so it was all one big glob which created quite the inferno. lol

Monday, August 4, 2008


I took the kids roller skating yesterday so that Dax could get some work done without the almost constant interruptions. I got a couple of pictures before the battery in my camera died. I'm certain there will be a lot of bruises and sore bodies this morning.



They beg to go skating, but once we got there and they kept falling, they remembered what they don't like about it. lol

It was a good weekend, though. They've started keeping lists of the chores they do and then at the end of the week we review the lists and decide how much money they've earned. I'm loving all the things that I don't have to do at the moment. I just need to make sure that we come through with enough $$ that they'll want to keep doing it. *giggle*

They are all ready for school to start. I think mostly because they want to go pick out backpacks and they get lockers this year. The girls have already been going through stuff picking out what to hang in their lockers and how to decorate them. It's pretty cute.

In other news, there's a tropical storm/hurricane (don't know where it's at today) that should be coming through our area sometime late tomorrow. I'm actually kind of looking forward to the rain. We need it. :0)