Tuesday, May 29, 2012

It's finally over.....

Well, the school year is finally over. I can honestly say that I've never been so happy for a school year to end. Not even when I was in school.

It was a really rough year. Not only with Wyatt's problems with his knees, but there were teacher issues (and with more than one teacher) that we had to deal with that I didn't go into here. I'm afraid it might have earned us a reputation as 'those' parents. You know, the ones that are hard to deal with.

I'm hoping that next year will be better, but the kids will still be on the same campus and, like I said, I think we've earned a reputation.

Anyway, Kirsten received an award in Science which was a nice to surprise for her.

She also received an award for her participation in the Duke University TIP program.

They did a great job this year, even with all the other stuff going on and we're so very proud of them. They really are great kids!

It amazes me how much they grow up in just one school year too.

Here's the first day of school.

And the last.

Where, oh where, have our babies gone?!

Now, on to summer.....

Tuesday, May 22, 2012


Not quite done with the school year yet. Last week we attended an art show put on by this year's art students. Addison and Kirsten both had several items in the show. It was nice to go up to the school and for the kids to have a chance to show off some of their hard work.

We also attened the spring band concert to hear Wyatt and Abigail play. Both bands did a really good job. This was the last one we'll be attending (at least for the next school year) because they both decided not to continue with band. Oh well.

My wonderful parents spent the weekend at our house with the kids so that Dax and I could get away. We headed to San Antonio again and had a great time. It was very relaxing, but went by all too quickly.

On the way home we stopped to eat at Lulu's Cafe' and decided to bring a little sweet treat home for the kids. We went with a cinnamon roll (which Lulu's is famous for.)

 How's that for a little breakfast? The cinnamon rolls from Lulu's Cafe' weigh 3 pounds each!! Oh, and you can order them online.

Your welcome. lol

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Mother's Day and so forth.....

I hope all the mothers out there had an enjoyable Mother's Day.

We went to dinner the night before to help avoid some of the crowds. It was a lot of fun and the food was good. It's always good when someone else cleans up after me.

On Mother's Day we took Addison to watch some of her friends play for the state championship in soccer. (They came in 2nd place.) Then we went and had doughnuts. Later in the day they also bought me an ice cream cake. Add that to the cupcakes that I had for breakfast and it was a pretty 'sweet' day.

As far as gifts go, Wyatt gave me some scents for my Scentsy. Addison made a pillow for me to use when I read at night. Kirsten made me a necklace and a bracelet. She did a great job on both. And Abigail made a jar with slips of paper in it for reasons that she loves me. I put it on the counter in the bathroom so that I can read one each morning. What a great way to start the day, right?

On Saturday I took Kirsten and Abigail up to the tennis courts to practice. Dax showed up a little later to play a little tennis with them.

Dax was trying to help them learn to return his power serve.

As you can see, Abigail isn't very impressed with his skills.

All in all it was a great weekend. I even got to take a nap on Mother's Day. That's almost a miracle...and I LOVED every minute of it!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

What's happening....

It's been pretty busy around here, which is always what happens at the end of the school year.

Wyatt and Abigail went to a band competition in Austin last week. The 7th grade band got 1's all across the board and also was awarded 'Best in Show' for all of the schools competing. Woohoo! I guess all of that practice paid off. After the competition, the band stopped for pizza and games for the rest of the day. The kids had a great time, but still not enough to change their minds about being in band again next year. I tried.

Kirsten has played in tennis tournaments for the last two weekends. She's played doubles in both tournaments. Unfortunately, she hasn't progressed in these matches. We can't complain, though, because she doesn't have any prior experience in tennis. I'm proud of her for being willing to get out there and play against girls who have been playing for years.

Kirsten is off today at a party for the students that participated in UIL this year. She was really excited about it and looking forward to it.

There's all of the usual running that gets thrown in on top of it too. Fortunately, we are now done with golf practice after school three days a week and tennis practice after school four days a week.

I guess sometimes I get a little more overwhelmed by it all than I realize. For example, yesterday after I picked the kids up from school Addison asked what was wrong with me when I was packing their lunches earlier that morning. Apparently, I gave the two kids that want mustard on their sandwiches the ones with mayonnaise and the two that prefer mayonnaise got mustard. That's not really that big of a deal, right? But, she went on to tell me that the wrapper was still on the slice of cheese on her sandwich. Oops!

Only a few more weeks left......

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Round Two

Wyatt had his second knee surgery (on his left leg this time) on the 19th of April. Everything went well once again.

He went for his follow up appointment yesterday to see how things were healing and to get the stitches out.

The doctor said that things look good and that he's a fast healer. He gave Wyatt a smaller brace and gave him the okay to get back out to golf practice.

He goes back in three weeks and hopefully he'll get the final release and we can be done with this.