Thursday, November 20, 2014

Not my fault....

I know it's been forever, but this time it's actually not my fault. lol My computer contracted a couple of really nasty viruses. There were two different ones that are new that each did a lot of damage in completely different ways. We tried for a couple of days to make repairs to no avail. Then we took it to the computer doctor and after he spent a week trying to save it, we had to concede defeat and wipe the hard drive clean and start from square one. Not only did we have to reload all of the programs for work, we had to go back and retrieve (thank goodness we had carbonite) all of the files and pictures that were specific to my computer. At this point we've spent roughly three weeks trying to get things back to regular working order again, and I'm still finding little things here and there that we missed. It's just crazy.

So, let's see. Where did we leave off?

For Halloween, since none of our kids want to dress up anymore, Kirsten and Addison went to the square in town and watched the little trick-or-treaters there. Dax and I love to go watch them each year, and I think that the girls had fun too. At first they told us that we were kind of creepy for doing it, but then they realized that it's fun to watch the little kids so excited in their costumes.

Here are two of my favorites:

How cute are they?!

Addison's concussion is all healed now. She was terribly disappointed at having to miss the final two games of the fall season. She's decided to go ahead and try out for the high school team, although there are apparently only 4 open positions. It appears that returning players have to go through the motions of trying out, but their team positions are reserved for them. Not sure I agree with doing it that way, but I'm not the coach so I don't get a say.

Abigail has started the skating class in order to play hockey. Not crazy about that idea, but she really wants to play. *sigh*

I looked at this picture that Kirsten took recently, and I can't believe how grown-up my babies are getting.

Hold on to them while you can!! They grow up much too quickly and long before you're ready to handle it. Heed my advise on this one, people.