Friday, July 1, 2011

Don't see that every day!

I've kept a list of some of the weird things Dax & I have seen this week.

* We were sitting at a red light and saw a truck driver out beside his truck. He had on shorts and was walking around (I know.....that's not the weird part.) When he turned with his back to us, he had his shorts all rolled up in the back so that his butt cheeks were showing!!!

* We saw the guy at the cafe' in the rabbit suit.

* There was a heavy set man walking his bicycle down the side of the road. Just about the time we approached, he stopped and lifted his shirt AND his stomach to scratch an itchy spot. You should have seen the happy grin he had on his face while he was doing it. lol

* Got to see a guy pulled off the the side of the highway puking his guts out.

* We went to lunch with the intention of stopping to get some paper afterwards at Office Depot. While we were at lunch the power went out in the building. (Of course it was right after we paid so no free lunch for us.) The power was out in the whole area so we couldn't stop at Office Depot. We drove by just to make sure that their power was out too. While we were there these two young boys came speeding into the parking lot, parked, and were headed into the store. It was totally black inside the store and you could tell from the glass doors that the power was out. We decided to wait and watch them and sure enough, they walked up to the doors and almost into them when they didn't open. Then they were both holding their hands up to their faces trying to see inside and figure out what was going on. It was pretty funny.

I still feel like I'm leaving something out, but I don't know what it could be. And, I'm sorry that there aren't any accompanying pictures, but Dax just wouldn't turn back and let me take pictures of any of them. LOL

Wonder if the weekend will bring anything more.

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