Sunday, January 9, 2011

Saturday silly-ness

We went to another hockey game last night.

But this time Dax's parents and little sister came to the game too.

Poppey has been complaining about being out  in the cold so for Christmas we gave him a scarf and some gloves. He later said something about his ears being cold when he rides his bike.

It didn't go unnoticed..........

Since we all LOVE 'Christmas Vacation' and usually watch it together as a family I ran into my sewing room before we were to meet up and made him his very own Cousin Eddie Cap!

Dax's mother was horrified when he snuck it on once we were inside. (She's leaning away from him in the picture.)

See, ear flaps and all.

We had a really good time. Even if our team lost.

The only really scary thing is that now Abigail is wanting to play hockey.

I'm really not sure how intimidating all 56 pounds of her will be out on the ice.

We're still trying to talk her into something else, but the whole mind control thing isn't really working.

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