Monday, January 31, 2011

The fun(ny) continues.........

Here's a quick break down of some of the things that have been going on.


Sometime during the past week, the kids were out front with their dogs. Kuddles came running out of the wooded part of our property (The Black Forest of Doom) carrying a stick. Addison went to get the stick from her to keep playing with it only to realize that it was actually a deer leg bone (with some fur still on it.)

She went running and screaming in the opposite direction.

Abigail tried to intervene and get the bone away from her, but Rocky got it first and took off running.

They did finally get it from the dogs and dispose of it. I just hope the dogs don't come up with any other parts of the deer. Blech!!


On Wednesday (I think it was) Kirsten brushed her teeth with athlete's foot cream.

She says it tastes awful--just in case you're thinking of trying it yourself.


On Saturday morning Abigail had a UIL competition. She was competing in Music Memory. For this they play a clip from a song and the contestant must know the composer, piece, and score.

She had to be at the school before the sun came up so they could make the two hour drive to the school hosting the competition. (I was caught off guard at how hard it was to drop her off in the dark to get on a bus and head to this competition. Just more proof that my babies are growing up.)

She sent me a text message (well, she sent me a lot but the others weren't pertinent) after she got out of the test saying that she just went blank when she got in there and the competition started.

She was really worried about how she did. She didn't want to be last.

So, she was thrilled to find out that she got 4th place!! Woohoo!!! Our district got 1st overall. She's so excited about placing in the competition and we're proud as can be.


Wyatt has graduated from the skating classes and will be moving up to the "How to Play Hockey" classes. This is the big time. This is where we have to go get him fitted for the equipment and really make the investment.

He couldn't be more excited!!

Abigail still wants to know when she can start. I guess she's not going to change her mind so easily.

Stupid not working mind control!!

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