Friday, July 9, 2010

Lesson Learned

Addison has had her first true failure in the kitchen.

Sure, there have been things in the past that we didn't really like, but those were just a matter of taste.

But, this was actually a failure.

And a lesson learned (I hope.)

She found a recipe online for cupcakes, wrote it in her recipe notebook, and was excited to try these on her own.

The lesson learned?

It's important to follow the directions. There just might be consequences for not doing it.

For instance, if the recipe says to melt 28 marshmallows with the liquids, it's probably not okay to just pour in the whole bag.

It could lead to cupcakes that are more like hot soup after the 28 minutes of baking time is over.

How many days do you think those pans will need to soak before that stuff will come off?

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