Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Not me

Every time I ask who is responsible for anything that has happened around our house I get four responses and they're all the same.

Not me!

I don't know about other households, but 'not me' wreaks havoc on mine. 'Not me' wastes food, breaks things, and leaves messes.

And 'not me' never cleans up after himself.

For example, I left this in the refrigerator for FOUR days waiting to see if anyone else (including 'not me') would put it in the sink.

I finally gave in and put it in the sink myself.

I'm not quite sure why nobody will take responsibility for the empty cup, but will take pride in something like this.

She even asked me to take the picture!!

1 comment:

Quadmama said...

Not Me lived with us for quite some time. She comes back for a visit every now and then... apparently after she has already wreaked havoc at your house.