Thursday, June 12, 2008

Getting ready...

We'll be leaving for vacation tomorrow and we're all rushing around like crazy trying to get everything ready. Well, I use the term 'all' loosely. The kids aren't running around trying to get anything ready. The dogs have been dropped at the kennel, the plants have all been watered, and I'll make sure the other animals all have food before we leave in the morning.

Speaking of other animals we have quite a few. Currently we have 2 ponies (American Shetlands), 5 bunnies, 2 dogs, and 2 cats. I don't really know how this happens but they all live here...I must be crazy!!

Anyway, sometime tomorrow morning we head out on vacation. Last summer I opened an atlas and let Addison close her eyes and pick our vacation destination for this year. She chose Idaho so I've had a year to decide on what we're going to do on vacation. Now, keep in mind that having a year to decide and actually using that time wisely are two very different things. lol What I tried to convince the kids of is that they should get jobs picking potatoes to help pay for the trip -- there wasn't an enthusiastic reception of that idea. Go figure!! Anyway, we (by 'we' I mean 'I') decided that the vacation wouldn't be spent in Idaho but that Idaho would kind of be a turning around point and that we would do many things between home (which is in central Texas by the way) and Idaho and that we would come home a different route than we left. Now I just hope that this works in our favor, if not making any reservations anywhere along the way works out, and if traveling this far with four kids is even in the ballpark of being a good idea. *crossing fingers*

Oh, and as a very important preparation for the trip, Dax has burned the theme song from Vacation for us to play as we pull away from the house. We very often feel like the Griswalds around here and I actually call him Sparky on occasion. Maybe we should have watched the movie one more time before actually going through with this trip.

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