Friday, June 13, 2008

Vacation Day One

We decided to have breakfast this morning at the little cafe in town. Not sure it was the best choice. Their computer broke down and they lost several orders one of which was ours. That threw our imagined time-line out the window.

We drove to Buffalo Gap and went to Pioneer Town. The kids really enjoyed it. They studied about the pioneers and the Indians in school this year so this stop brought what they had learned more into reality for them.

After we left there we headed into Abilene. There we went to Frontier Texas. It was a really nice set-up and we all enjoyed it. They have a totally awesome (showing my age here "totally" "awesome" - lol)show at the end of the tour in a round theatre. The movie moves from screen to screen all around the room and the seats swivel so you can follow it. It was great!!

After leaving there we stopped and had dinner at a place called Harlow's. It was good food at a good price. We drove on to Childress to spend the night to get a little jump on tomorrow's drive. On the way to Childress, Dax got pulled over by a sheriff for speeding. He asked where we were from and where we were headed. When Dax told him that we were headed to Idaho with four kids, the deputy just chuckled, shook his head, and told Dax to slow down because there had been some deer on the road ahead. I think he must have had kids and felt like Dax would be going through enough. He just didn't have the heart to give him a ticket too. LOL

The most important part of the day for the kids is here at the hotel

Tomorrow we're headed for Dodge City. This is Dax's part of the trip and where he gets to spend as much time as he likes.

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