Thursday, June 19, 2008

Vacation Day Seven

Today we went to Yellowstone National Park. It's quite a haul from where we're staying but this is as close as we could get and still be in our price range. lol The hotel here is nice anyway. We've got a room big enough for everyone to have beds (nobody has to sleep on the floor) and we're on the first floor with a room that looks out onto the indoor pool so the kids don't have to go far. :0)

Anyway, about Yellostone. We saw a lot of buffalo today and they're so much bigger in person than they look in pictures...but here are some pictures anyway. lol

We spent most of the day around Old Faithful. It was awesome to watch.

This was a very important part of the day for the kids.

And we even did a little hiking.

I thought this was kind of scary though!

Just ya babe!!
We ate dinner at Bullwinkle's in West Yellowstone. The food was really good but a little pricey I thought. And they don't have a kid's menu either. That's always a bummer.

We're going back to Yellowstone tomorrow.

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Tanja said...

I can't believe how close your daughter is to that buffalo! Wow!
How fun...