Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Getting Started

Well, it was just suggested to me that I should post about the life we lead with quads. It's too bad that this didn't occur to me sooner and really too bad that this wasn't as popular when our kids were born (I'm assuming it was even an option then) as it is now. Oh well, better late than never I guess. I hope to use this space to remember the years that have already passed and to record the activities that are ongoing in our lives for ourselves, family, friends, and I guess anyonw else that happens by and takes an interest. 80)

For the record, I am married to Dax and we have 9 year old quadruplets -- three girls and one boy -- Addison, Abigail, Wyatt, and Kirsten. It is sometimes overwhelming with everything that goes on but when I feel that way, I try to remember people that have more to handle and then I feel like I can't whine too much for the gifts that God has given me. I wouldn't trade my life for anything!!

This is my favorite picture of the kids and me (we're all much older now):

The picture was taken for an article in the paper when we lived in Texarkana. We were very involved with the March of Dimes there and were the ambassador family and they came to do an article about our family and how the March of Dimes had benefitted us. Dax was at work when the photographer came by so it was just the kids and me in the picture. Anyway, the picture was on the front page of the paper but the article was on page 2. That's no big deal but as it worked out the headline right next to the picture of us all smiling away said 'woman admits to killing husband'. Can you believe that? All of our neighbors called to make sure Dax was alright. roflol Life is funny!!


Brenda said...

OMG! What a handsome bunch! I LOVE this picture!

Melzie said...

LOLOL that is an ironic headline to be next to your pics ;) Thanks for dropping by my blog, I LOVE the name Addison! And Abigail is on my list :) xoxo melzie+bebe