Friday, June 19, 2009

While the kids are gone....

We've been having a wild time while the kids are gone. Theatre, concerts, dinners out. We'll have to slow down soon or we won't survive. Whoooo!!

Note to reader: Theatre really means that we went to the movies to see The Hangover. It was funny, FUNNY, FUN.NY. (We really liked it.)

Oh, and concerts really means that we went to the free summer concert in the park last night. It was an Irish band playing that one of our clients is a member of. (Well, actually my dentist is one of the band members and my belly dancing teacher is one.) But, hey, that counts right?

The band (The O'Malarky's):

Dax jamming during the concert:

But we really have gone out to eat a few times. It's been nice. And the kids are having a great time too. Win, win!

And here in a little bit we're heading to the gun range to practice. I'm taking my concealed carry class in a couple of weeks and I feel like I need to shoot a little before I actually go do that. And I don't think that I ever posted that when Dax went to take his he scored

(that's for you Mom & Dad)

which is a perfect score. Now I have to do very well to even be able to stand to listen to him. Ugh! Wish me luck!!


joanne said...

hello... just past by and i saw a very interesting family. i'm linking your blog and nice to meet you. happy sharing... i am joanne.

Tanja said...

Sounds like you're making up for some lost time while the kiddos are away, good for you!