Monday, June 22, 2009

Weekend Adventures while the kids are gone

We've been working hard but also trying to fit in a little bit of play time while the kids are still gone. On Friday we decided to charter a plane and head to the mountains. It was amazing!!

Here's some shots from the plane. Sorry for the blurriness, it must have been the turbulence.

I think they sense our presence and are getting restless.

This one is making a get-away.

OMG!! Do you see that bear?! That little fox may be history. It's time to head home. I don't want to see the bloody outcome.


Maybe we just went to Cabella's after going to the gun range.

On Saturday we went to Fredericksburg to their Trade Days for a little shopping and then had lunch.

For Father's Day I let Dax decide what he wanted to do so we headed to Austin to a gun show and then had lunch at The Hula Hut. They specialize in what I've decided to call Mexiwaiian food. It's Mexican food with a Hawaiian flare. Who would have guessed?

Anyway, we sat out on the patio over the water. The food was good and we had fun. He's starting to look a little relaxed.

Talked to the kids last night and they're having a great time.

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