Friday, June 12, 2009

A peaceful protest

The kids are going to spend two weeks with their grandparents. We were supposed to leave this afternoon and they had all of there stuff ready and by the front door.

However, Dax decided that he wanted to watch game 7 of the Stanley Cup.

The kids decided that they were definitely not moving everything back to their rooms. They set up their stuff in protest and settled in for the night (at about 5:00 pm.)

Kirsten & Addison set up camp in the kitchen.

Wyatt set up camp in the area by the front door. He's having a calzone for dinner and if you look closely, he's got snacks in that black bag.

And Abigail is almost right in front of the front door (it's the white door that you can just see the bottom of.)

They've got everything they need to make it through the long, drinks, games, bedding. I think they would start a campfire and s'mores if they thought for a minute I'd let them. Oh, and they've all gotten dressed in the clothes they want to wear tomorrow so that all they have to do in the morning is wake up and get in the car (but to be perfectly honest, some of them might just be telling me that they changed but are really wearing the same clothes they've had on all day today. I just don't know.) Anyway, I figure they're either practicing to camp out for the coolest, must-have concert tickets, or they're preparing to live in a tent city. Frankly, I'm really not sure I'm comfortable with either one.

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