Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Didn't fall far from the tree....

It must surely come from their father's side of the family. I'm far to reserved for my children to get this kind of behavior from me.

While in Houston the kids went to a place called Itz. From what I understand it's the same concept as Chuck E Cheese but designed for kids a little older. Two of them put their tickets together to pick out prizes. They did get some lovely gifts though, just look:

Betcha want one, don't you?

So, if they're misbehaving or acting really dumb can I tell them to get their heads out of that chicken's @$$?

Just wondering.

Really, that's not the kind of thing I would ever say to them.

Even if their actions sometimes warrant it.

No, really, they're great kids and should only be wearing a halo above their heads.

Okay, maybe not a halo, but certainly not a chicken either.

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Anonymous said...

We have an ITZ here too and it's alot of fun but it's an expensive day to say the least! Your comment about the chicken's a-- is cracking me up!