Thursday, October 30, 2008

Thankful Thursday

Well here we are again. It's been busy as usual.

1. I'm thankful that I've gotten all of the payroll reports done (and not even at the last minute :0) )

2. I'm thankful that my kids are pleased with their Halloween costumes.

3. I'm thankful for having the windows open because of the fantastic weather we've been having.

4. I'm thankful that Wyatt seems to be developing a love of reading.

5. I'm thankful for all the silly things my kids do that make me laugh.

6. I'm thankful that I have parents that would do anything they can to be there for me if I need them. It's comforting to know there are people in your life that will always be there for you.

7. I'm thankful that I paid $2.17 per gallon for gas yesterday!!

How 'bout you? What are some of the things that have made you feel better or at least brought a smile to you face? How long has it been since you've stopped to think about some of the little things that make you happy?

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