Saturday, October 4, 2008

And so it starts...

How can this sweet little face look me in the eye and lie?

Let's see, about a week and a half ago I sent a note to his teacher in his folder. I was wanting to get some ideas to help him with some of his math that he's having trouble with. We never heard back from the teacher. We went to open house and the teacher never said a thing about the note. I asked Wyatt if he gave the teacher the note and he assured me that he had. By this time I was getting really upset with the teacher and was considering talking with the principal about it.

On Monday evening I was doing Wyatt's laundry and as I was taking the clothes out of the dryer what do I find? (I'm sure you can guess) There's a folded up note that has fallen out of one of his pockets. I was upset to say the least but I didn't want to let Wyatt know that I had found the note. I was hoping to get him to fess up and tell me the truth. NO SUCH LUCK!! Even after several days of asking him and giving him ample opportunity to come clean he never did.

I did finally tell him that I knew he wasn't being honest with me because I had the note. I never told him how I got it (he's just learn to be more careful and I don't want that. lol) I finished his little lecture by telling him that when I ask him a question he should always be honest because I may already know the answer. And that he never knows what I already know. lol

I'm just not ready for this. I like the honesty even when it's not what they really mean to do.

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