Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Thanks again to Tanja , I have more work to do. This idea of hers is to list the things I 'didn't' do this week (rather than admit to it).

1. I didn't get the Halloween decorations out of the attic and leave them sitting in the middle of the garage all week. I mean, nobody does that!

2. I didn't take a nap after picking the kids up from school twice this week. I have far too much to do to indulge in napping.

3. I didn't take a nice long bubble bath knowing that the sink was full of dishes and that the floors needed to be swept. I would always rather do the dishes first.

4. I didn't wear jeans and tennies to the office twice this week. That would be totally unprofessional (even though we're totally casual).

5. I didn't forget the load of laundry in the washer and have to wash it twice.

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Anonymous said...

La-La-Love your list of things you did not do! That's good stuff Taryn! Thanks for playing.

If you have a minute you should go back to my blog and link up your website and the url (page with this post) on it and put it in my Mr. Linky so other people can come view your didn't do's list!

Have a great day-