Monday, May 2, 2011

In case you wonder too.....

People often ask us if (or have the assumption that) it gets easier having multiples as they get older.

Uhmmmmm, NO!!!

When they were babies we certainly got less sleep, BUT when we put them down some place (like in their beds), they would still be in that place when we got back.  Once they get mobile, everything changes.

Now, don't get me wrong. I'm not saying that it's more difficult now. It's just not easier.

And, it doesn't get easier, it just changes.

Take this past week for example.

Monday: Abigail home sick so off to the clinic. Soccer practice.

Tuesday: Cheer practice.

Thursday: Dentist appointments for all four kids. Soccer practice.

Saturday: Wyatt and Abigail at school by 3 AM to leave for band competition.
Addison to soccer fields by 8 AM for all day soccer tournament.
Took Addison and Kirsten to dinner and a little shopping.
Pick Wyatt and Abigail up at school when the band returns from tournament. They were running late so didn't arrive until around midnight.

Sunday: Addison back at soccer fields by 8:00 for more tournament play.
Wyatt to hockey practice.

See, still plenty of activity and what is certainly feeling like not enough sleep. 

Addison's team did a fantastic job at the tournament. After day one of play we were a little nervous. They had gone into the tournament ranked 4th place for our division. On Saturday they lost the first game and tied the other two.

Incredibly that left them still in 4th place for Sunday's games. They won both of those games and finished the tournament in 2nd place!!!

I tried over and over to get an action shot of Addison, but it just didn't happen. :0)

This was from the final game on Sunday. It was so wonderful for the girls to beat this team because they played dirty. (It's the same team with the girl that bit Addison during a game.) Their coach was a terrible sport, the girls were, and they were fighting with each other. After the game he was arguing with the ref about some of the calls and I think the ref told him basically that if his girls were the better team they would have won.

I know the girls were happy to beat this team too.

 The girls were waiting to get their medals and this is when Addison realized that her Dad was drinking her smoothie.

 Addison getting her medal from her coach.
She is VERY proud of that she should be. Those girls worked hard to earn them.

She put it back on when she got out of the shower last night and I had to make her take it off when she went to bed.

She wore it to school this morning, too. :0)

Next weekend we're off for them to compete for the STATE title!!

So, even though it's not any easier, it is so very worth every minute of it!! We are so proud of all four of our children, and I certainly wouldn't change a thing!


Jen said...

I agree completely and our kids are only 3, almost. This makes me very nervous and excited for what is to come. Keep up the GREAT work!

Beth said...

Um, couldn't you just lie to me and tell me this will all be a breeze in a couple years?

Yeah, I have already worried about this. I want them to try things and do their own things, but that leaves mom running around like a crazy lady!

While you are sooo busy, it does sound like you get to have a lot of fun with them!

Rachel said...

People ask me all the time if it has gotten easier as they have gotten older. I always respond with, "It's not easier, it's just different." It's so true, some things are easier, but some things are harder. It just changes. Mine are only three, and I already wonder what it will be like when they are the age your kids are now. Reading your blog gives me a peek into what the future has in store for me!

Quadmama said...

People always say "It must be so much easier now that they're older." My response: "Every age brings different challenges." Are we getting more sleep? For the most part. Are they more independent? Yep. Am I still running around like a chicken with my head cut off? Most days!

Rachel said...

Thanks for the tip on the nail polish! I never even thought about doing something like that. Now that it's summer time and we will be spending most days in flip flops, the pink toes might not go quite so unnoticed anymore!

Amber said...

Ah shucks! You just dashed my hopes that this would get easier!!! Just kidding, we have 13 month old quadruplets and we are learning that it just changes from one season to another. It started out with a difficult pregnancy then NICU and round the clock feeds. Now those things are finished but we have toddlers on the loose. I do have a little anxiety about the teen years...Thank you for sharing your story! We see what we have to look forward to now.