Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Awards and Finals

Yesterday the 6th grade had their awards ceremony. I had gotten a heads up from one of the teachers that Kirsten would be receiving an award so that we would know to be there if possible. That's the beauty of owning our own business because we can make that happen and the kids - well, the girls anyway - were excited to see us there.

Kirsten's award was for Academic Achievement in world cultures.

We were also pleasantly surprised for Addison to get an award in language arts for going 'above and beyond.' (That might be code for trying to help the teacher run the class.) Here's the picture I was able to get of her since she didn't stay still long enough.

Nice, huh?

The kids also have finals this week. For their world cultures class they had to pick a person in history and right a report about them in first person. They also had to make a mask and today they are having a masquerade ball.

I never saw Wyatt's mask because he did his completely at school. At least that's the story that I'm told. I guess we'll know for sure when report cards come home.

Abigail chose Betsy Ross.....

Addison chose Queen Elizabeth (I think that's the right queen)......

And Kirsten chose Edgar Allen Poe.....

I'm anxious to see what kind of grades they get on these because they did put a lot of work into them.

I also sorta hope they don't want to keep them because they kinda' creep me out laying around the house.

Their last day of school is tomorrow and they're pretty excited about that. I think we'll still be pretty busy this summer though because they've got lots of things lined up already and some of it starts as soon as next week.

But I'm not complaining.......I'll at least get to sleep in a little......even if it is only an extra hour or so, I'll take it!


Suzy said...

I love those masks!!!!!!!!

Beth said...

Okay, I'm glad you said it first. The masks are really good and the girls obviously put a lot of work into them, but they are definitely a bit creepy!!

Enjoy your summer!!