Monday, May 23, 2011

End of the year......

It's almost the end of the school year. The kids are done at noon on Thursday.

That means that things get even crazier around here!

On Friday the kids had a field trip to Fiesta Texas for their part in helping to raise money for St. Jude's Chirldren's Hospital. They had fun, and since they didn't get back until early evening, Dax & I got to take a nap. Woohoo!!!  It was supposed to be bad weather all day on Friday, but fortunately that storms held off until after they got home safe and sound.

On Saturday Abigail and Addison had their Spring Show for cheerleading.

They were nervous but they did an excellent job.....especially for their first time performing.

Poor Addison tripped and fell down on their way out to the floor, but she was able to shake it off when they started perfoming.

There is a set of identical twins on the outgoing 8th grade squad and I could hear the man behind me telling his wife about the twins on that squad and ANOTHER set of twins on the incoming 7th grade squad. He was telling her how it was hart to tell that they were twins out on the floor because they were spread so far apart.

Aaaahhhh, if only he knew the real story. LOL

While I was at the grocery store on Saturday morning, Dax decided it was time to clean out our closet. OMG!!!! Who knew you could get so much crap crammed into one space?! When I got home he had everything pulled out and all over the bedroom. I almost passed out when I saw it!  But, hey, the closet is looking much better now and we have a whole lot of stuff to pass on to charity to boot.

That's a good thing, right?

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