Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Back to normal.......I guess

Well, Dax made it home safe and sound.

However, my time without him didn't really get any better.

On Thursday we had some pretty nasty thunder storms come through here. I don't know if they had anything to do with it, but when I got to the office on Friday morning our computers were no longer speaking to our server. Now, even knowing what the server is uses about all of my computer smarts so other than turning it off and turning it back on, I was at a loss. (The computer guy didn't actually get everything running again util yesterday.)

Kirsten was all set to spend the night with a friend on Friday. She went home from school with her, but then her friend's mom had to call me that evening to get her because she wasn't feeling well and her fever was 102.9. I'm sure she had whatever Abigail had the weekend before. (By the way, am I the only one that has kids that never get sick unless the doctor's office is closed?)

She was feeling better on Saturday so we went to the outdoor theatre to see Rio. This theatre is not only outside, it's also 'old school' and uses the old reels. When they were changing the reels during the middle of the movie, the kids decided it was too cold and wanted to go home so we've only seen part of the movie. But seriously, who knew it would drop down into the 50's?

The kids missed Dax a lot too. Kirsten and Abigail left a trail of flower petals up the sidewalk and on the steps to welcome Dax home.

They said they had to use over 100 flowers to do it.

Dax came home in his uniform so I decided to take a picture.

He was trying to give me a tough look so I decided to leave the cute little bunnies in the picture too. lol


Beth said...

Me too! The minute the dr office closes, my kids start running a fever. Frustrating!

The girls leaving the flower petals for Dad is just about the sweetest thing ever!

cara said...

Yes, my kids get sick when they are closed as well. I think like the only ear infection my daughter has had and was in intense pain was after hours. Funny like that.