Monday, April 25, 2011

Weekend Update

Addison had her last soccer game of the season on Saturday morning.

And I finally remembered to take some pictures. :0)

They won 5-0 and that bumped them to 2nd place so they will be going to the play-offs.

They were pretty excited!!!

Sunday, we celebrated Easter at our house. We had lots of people (family and friends) and way too much food.

But it was a good time.

Every year Addison tries to catch the Easter Bunny. This year her traps were pretty elaborate and none of us were allowed to go outside after 9:30 on Saturday night.

The Easter Bunny still managed to get in and took all of her traps and placed them at her bedroom door.

It took me forever to find my camera because the Easter Bunny took it to take this picture and didn't put it back where he found it!

They got baskets full of goodies and too much candy.

 The hunt:

 Addison has been asking for a 7-foot bunny for years now.

Well, this year the Easter Bunny finally came through and granted her request.

From that look, I'm guessing that maybe a bunny with 7 feet isn't what she meant.

Who knew?

We all had a lot of fun. Someone had maybe too much fun since Abigail is home sick today. We visited the clinic this morning and I'll be getting her antibiotics on the way home so she should be feeling better soon.

I hope that everyone had a good weekend and were blessed with the love and company of family and friends like we were.


Suzy said...

You guys are hilarious. :) Hope my kids are this fun at that age!

Quadmama said...

Easter Bunny traps?! I'm still laughing!!

Beth said...

I love Addison's Easter Bunny traps! And what a sneaky bunny to move them to her bedroom door;0)

Looks like a fun Easter!!!!

Rachel said...

I love the Easter Bunny traps! I'm still laughing thinking about it! The 7 foot bunny is too funny!