Tuesday, April 5, 2011

What the heck??

Addison had soccer games on both Saturday and Sunday over the weekend.

They won Saturday's game 3-0. These girls have just really come together and have learned to play as a team. It's just amazing to see how far they've come from their first season together. It wasn't pretty that first season, trust me.

On Sunday the game was a 0-0 tie. Addison was terribly disappointed in the tie because she really wanted to beat the team they were playing. I really wanted them to beat that team too.

The team just flat out played ugly. They pushed a lot. Now I don't mean the regular pushing on each other to get to the ball where the girls lean in. I mean putting their hands on our girls and pushing them to the ground. The only time the ref actually called a penalty was when one of the opposing players practically tackled one of our girls.

And all of that was bad enough. What really pushed me over the edge with it all (and I didn't know it happened until after the game) was that one of the girls from the other team BIT Addison. Seriously?! There's no biting in soccer!!!

Addison tried to tell the ref but he wasn't paying attention. She told her coach, but I don't think he likes to make any waves. So, now it's down to me. At the very least, I'm thinking this calls for a 'strongly worded' letter to the board for our league. I let it go a couple of weeks ago when a player from another team called on of our girls a 'f-cking b-tch' thinking that the coach would say something. But he didn't. I think this time something really needs to be said.

I still can't believe the other girl bit her!

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