Tuesday, February 2, 2010

What a week!

...and it's only Tuesday!!!

Tonight I colored Kirsten's hair and she's now a strawberry blond. We were just trying to lighten it up but the natural red undertones have really shown up.

(I was hoping that the chemicals would kill any lice that might be trying to hang on.)

Now to the real happenings.....

When Dax picked the kids up from school yesterday, Addison wasn't wearing her glasses. She told him that the rain was causing light rings that gave her a headache. Well, today we find out that she wore her old glasses to school yesterday (by accident)and they got broken. She gave the broken glasses to her dad today and told a long story about how another boy in her class broke them. He called me at the office and was telling me the story and saying that we needed to tell the school and to contact the boy's parents when Addison gave him a note saying that she made the whole thing up.


I still don't think we've got the real story but I think we're getting closer. She says that she was cleaning them and the lens fell out. That part I can almost believe. I mean, if you know Addison and have taken a look at her classes, her actually caring whether they're clean or not is kind of a stretch. Anyway, I'm still not sure how they managed to get broken in two across the bridge of the nose.

Personally, I think she broke them so that she wouldn't accidentally wear them to school anymore. I mean it was just last week that she got hit by a basketball during p.e. and they didn't just get bent, they almost got tied in a knot. And, they have the memory wire in the frames so they can take an awful lot of abuse. Anyway, we probably won't know the whole story until she's around 20.

But, she does serve as a pretty good snitch too.

It seems that Kirsten got caught cheating at school today. She got in trouble at school and she got a long lecture from her father. Hopefully she's learned her lesson.

I mean, look at these kids.

How could those sweet little faces be lying and cheeting?

We also hear that Wyatt asked a girl to go out.

Unfortunately, she told him no.

Bless his heart, he's really upset about it. This is the first girl that he's even been willing to admit liking. I tried to talk to him about it a little, but it's hard to keep his nosie sisters out of the room and I know he won't talk in front of them. Dax didn't know if he should go try to talk to him about it too, but I don't want to over do it. He's not usually one to open up about those kinds of things.

Abigail has decided that since there was no drama involving her that she's now our favorite.

Dax and I are just left with our heads spinning.

I mean, they're not even teenagers yet!

I'm starting to get a little scared.

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Beth said...

Do you mean to tell me that this isn't going to suddenly become simple? lol! I can't believe those sweet faces would ever give you a moment's trouble!

Thanks so much for the support! Sometimes this is a tough journey. Good to have others who understand what it can be like.