Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Early release day

The kids got out of school early today.

It's quite cold here and we've gone through rain, sleet, and now this...

Maybe we could work for the post office!!

Anyway, the two on the ground are building a snow man. I don't know if it ever got any bigger than that little pile.

Here's a close up of the Abigail and Kirsten trying to catch snow flakes.

(They'll hate me for that when they're in high school. Mwaahahaha!)

The kids were so funny playing in the snow.

They would go outside and play for awhile.

Since the day started with raining the ground is soaked and muddy under the snow.

Of course they got soaking wet.

They would come in the house and take off their pants, socks, coats, and gloves and throw them in the dryer. As soon as they were dry and warm they would get dressed again and head back out.

They were so funny to watch.

When I picked them up from school Wyatt said that when he found out that they were getting out early he thought it couldn't get any better than that. But then he found out that they aren't starting school until 10:00 tomorrow morning and that was even better. He told me tonight that this had been a great day.

But really, I'm glad we don't have days like this very often. I have no desire to have to drive in the ice or snow. 

And to think, on Sunday it was beautiful outside and we had all the windows open to take advantage of the beautiful day inside the house as well.

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Deanna said...

That looks like an Alabama snow! : ) We've gotten a couple of days off work lately, and I agree with Wyatt...it's pretty nice!