Saturday, February 27, 2010

Weekend at Boerne's

(Boerne is pronounced like burney -- see, weekend at burney's -- I'm so funny. Right?)

Anyway, it wasn't the whole weekend, it was just today.

And we spent it at Boerne's soccer fields. (The kids wouldn't let me go shopping even though the town has some delightful antique stores that were calling my name.)

It was Addison's first game on the new select soccer team.

Her team played in a tournament last weekend, but Addison was sick and missed all three games. She doesn't feel too bad about it though because they got creamed.

They won today 2-1.

Addison decided that it's all because of her being there. lol

Sorry the shot's a little's from all the action!!

Addison played a good game. She's playing defense this year and she was in for the whole game.

At one point she got body slammed to the ground but she bounced back up like a trooper.

Of course, she was spitting out dead grass for the next 5 minutes, but she was a trooper none the less.

When she got knocked down some of the parents from the other team started laughing.  Luckily, one of the other mom's from our team got onto them about it and I didn't have to go all 'mama bear' on them. (Not that I would intimidate anybody, except maybe some of the smaller kids on the teams.)

After the game we stopped at a little cafe called The Green Frog to have dinner.

They weren't serving this, though.

(That's just creepy, right? It's the leg from a stuffed animal that the dogs tore up. When I saw it laying in the drive I thought it looked so naturally I had to take a picture.)

The bad part about stopping to eat was that none of  them ordered off of the kids menu and they all ate their dinners.

Gaah!! I'm not ready for them to order full price meals.

It was a nice day and the weather (and the drive) were beautiful.

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Beth said...

I agree with Addison. Obviously, the team's success hinges on her!

I'm impressed you managed to resist going all Mama Bear on those other parents. Kids acting badly is bad enough, but can be overlooked. Parents? They need to be set straight. Glad someone stepped up and talked to them for you.

We went out this weekend and felt sticker shock at 2 adult meals and 5 kids' meals. Can't imagine ALL adult meals. Yikes!