Tuesday, January 27, 2009


This is the evil nemesis that threatens my very sanity!

Head lice!! Again!!!!! Wyatt came home with it. He was complaining that his head itched so I combed through it with my trusty super hero lice eliminating comb. I found babies and immediately treated his head, sent him to wash his hair (again), and cut his hair off short. I went through everyone else's hair and did all the things that you do to get rid of the evil critters. I feel good at this point.

Then yesterday I comb through Addison's hair again (hers is the longest) and they're back! GAAH!! Kirsten had a couple too. Abigail and Wyatt still clear (thank goodness).

One of them came home with lice in 2nd grade. It took a full freaking year to get rid of them. Every time I would get them gone, some kid at school would come share his/her new litter. The nurse at the school told me (when I was whining because I was trying so hard to get them gone) that the problem was all of the parents that don't do anything about it at all. Can you even imagine? Having little bugs crawling around on your children, biting them, and not doing anything about it? Ugh!!

Anyway, they're back and I'm just sick about it. *sigh*


Crazymamaof6 said...

SO LAME! that is the hugest bummer and it is a huge ordeal that your kids keep getting it, and pass it around again and again.

thanks for playing along on my Q and A!

AJ said...

Yuck how nasty!! I've never gotten them working in a school for the past 7 years!! Touch Wood!!

This might make you feel better though!! You've won some fabric from my blog giveway...please send me your postage details and i'll ship it off ASAP!!


AJ said...
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AJ said...

ajcarter33(at) hotmail (dot) com

Sorry forgot to leave the email address and spelt it wrong in the first attempt...opps!!