Saturday, January 17, 2009

Late night chatter

We got a new computer yesterday. It's actually for the business but we've set it up at home because that's what we use as a back up for our server here at the office. While Dax was getting it all put together last night (late) he could hear talking so he went to see if Addison and Kirsten were still awake (they share a room) but they were both sound asleep. So he turned off their t.v. (yeah, we're those kind of parents) but he could still hear the chatting.

Now, I need to mention that the kids got these kinds of phones for Christmas.

They have an intercom feature on them so the kids walk around with these phones calling each other all day (and no, our house isn't that big).

Anyway, Dax went into Wyatt's room and he's on the phone talking. Wyatt says 'Hold on, Dad just came in' to whoever he's talking to. Dax asked him who the heck he was talking to at that hour. Wyatt says, 'Oh, it's Abigail. We're both watching the same movie so we're talking about it.' rofl It would be out of the question for them to actually sit in the same room and watch the movie together.

I think it's a flash into the teenage years for us!! GAAH!!

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